Thursday, May 22, 2008

Steampunk Skyline

As we've ascertained, I have a certain weakness for the, well, let's just resolve to call him the Byronic Hero for the sake of argument.  I also adore all themes of gloom,  the supernatural, the sunless and Stygian...when I looked at this picture, taken yesterday on a drive through the rainy city, I had a sudden revelation that maybe my aesthetic, as I myself,  was born here in NYC. These moody buildings, they're so tall, so menacing.  Just look at those birds, wheeling upwards as if they're afraid of something.  

And before I leave you with this rather bleak image, I must mention my new favorite book, "The Difference Engine," by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling.  It's now my secular bible.


Anonymous said...


I *love* this photo - so overpowering and foreboding! Reminds me of Tokyo's skyscrapers, or even some of the buildings here in Moscow. Lovely angle to the shot as well! Good one, and thanks for sharing!!


kylie said...

hmmm.... a gloomy aesthetic?
has it's virtues i guess but doesnt it get depressing?

Robyn said...

I too, love this dark photo! I adore superheros and such. It makes wonderful who flew out of view in the photo?! LOL! ok, so you like all that is supernatural and all that comes with it. Hmmm...can we talk about something else? *quickly looking over shoulder to make sure...*
Glad to see you on my blog! Miss ya!

Leah said...

Thanks, Peter, I really liked this shot too--you're right, the buildings do look overpowering, which is how NYC can be sometimes!!!

Kylie, you actually made me think about it for a few minutes. I guess I have a gloomy aesthetic, but in a funny way, not a gloomy outlook (at least not all the time) because I mix it up with lots of laughter. We're quite a jokey family--both my family of origin and my nuclear family--of course, sometimes it's a rather morbid sense of humor, but still...I also love bright, saturated colors, so I'm surrounded by them in my home and my knitting...AND you can never stay too gloomy for too long with a mischievous 7-year-old snapping at your heels, right? But I'm definitely drawn to the gothic and the scary...

ROBYN! Yes, who just flew out of the photo? Hugs back to you girl!

Suzanne said...

Hell. Dark, smark. I just love architecture. Great photo you brooding bitch. I feel as if I'm carrying the damn things on my shoulders. Interesting perspective. Like it.

Visit my blog and give me some sympathy. Oh course I'm laughing!!! Just read what you wrote in response to Peter, etc. and agree. Didn't think the photos was particularly blooding, and now know why. Because it wasn't!!!

I smell Christmas!!!!


Leah said...

"brooding bitch" is my new absolute all-time favorite pet nickname, Suze, I'm adopting it from now on!!!!! Just call me Brooding Bitch! LOL! and p.s. I simply canNOT believe your string of horrible luck. You are long overdue for some peace and quiet, m'lady. XOXO

Cecile said...

I like the pic. I don't see the gloom. I just see wonderful lines and gray. The birds add a natural elegance to the whole view.

Leah said...

HI Cecile! It's interesting to hear your take on the photo--it made sense to me too. I guess images like this are really up for interpretation!

Suzanne said...

Dear Brooding Bitch,

Did you see my typo? I said "Blooding!" Hey, I never said I was perfect! But you know how hard I try.

Cece's comment was the most gentile I've ever read since knowing her. Is she on drugs or something now?

Thanks for visiting my blog as always. Don't worry, I'll be fine after you pray for me! I loved "your string of bad luck" sentence. I haven't even called Mom or Dad because I don't want to worry them. I think they're on Suzy overload! We didn't even tell Rob's mom, but she called this morning because she reads my blog. Obviously, very upset. I felt horrible that I worried her.

I'll just tuck it here, but my nose has been bleeding all day. I've had one nose bleed in my life. When my cousin hit me square on in the face and knocked my front tooth into Canada. When it started I thought, there is something seriously wrong in my head. I called Rob and said, we may have to go to the emergency room today. After over 12 hours it's finally stopped. I can hardly wait to see the doctor on Tuesday. Something's just wrong. I can feel it. And yes, I will go to the emergency room if it continues tomorrow. I have decided to stop being stupid. I don't want to die.

I love you dear friend. Thank you for all your support and thank you especially for loving Santa!!!


(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

Nice photograph. Very evocative!