Thursday, May 15, 2008

Enchanted Lake House

In the Adirondacks, another season has begun for us.  It's so good to see the familiar trees and paths again

the stone chimney

the birch house overlooking our lake

and the old stone staircase that seems as if it grew out of the ground (you'll fall on your ass going down, but it's so worth it)

clouds over the water ("chiaroscuro" has become a cliche in our family)

Hedgehog, who wanted to "set something loose," launching her plastic boat with a dandelion for a figurehead

And my mom's house, an ongoing work-in-progress, an art project, all its many corners filled with odd tableaux, remnants of all the childhoods, and all the other houses and lives, geegaws and doodads precious and irrelevant, one still life or a hundred.  Hedgehog wandered in fascination through the rooms; a winter away made her forget the place, and she was amazed once again at the treasures everywhere

When the lid came off this hatbox, there was a faint breath of perfume stirring from the fancy feathers

Hedgehog played an impromptu.  "What do you think this piece is called, Mama?" "I couldn't guess." "Deer and elm!"

At the end of an afternoon, these swings are the best place to be


Suzanne said...

Perhaps one of the most beautiful homes and property I've ever seen. I'm in Heaven. I feel as if I'm home.

I'm about to go to the emergency room. I just want to tell you I love you and thank you for your support and encouraging words.


Cecile said...

Damn, it took her long enough to go to the Damn, ER. Geesh are all New Yorkers that hard headed?

Sorry about the rant there.

This place is awsome. Ask mom if I can move in. Wow! Although, there is too much stuff there, as neat as it is, too much stuff, I would be distracted for days with that stuff organizing it in rows of decending hight, ect. My OCD would kick in big time.

Question: Does Hedgie have red streaks in her hair?

Gig said... the house and lake...the birch house and swing, could sit there for days...

Reminds me of why we moved to northern Michigan. Glad you have your Lake House, it is enchanting!!


bindhiya said...

Dear Leah,
Hope you having a good weekend...
Beautiful house... I miss mine....
one day one day I will be there...
we used to make paper boat for the river and place flowers and light... ahhh childhood memories..
love and ((hugs))

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

How charming! Great photos.