Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fool's Errand

I spent the last two days, with a revolting head cold, running the car, my daughter, dog, and sissy upstate (five hour drive there and back). Why? To protect the dignity of certain dear mothers and step-dads, I can't be more specific than to say that someone forgot their license and registration and thus it had to be messengered up there. Again you might ask, why? The concise answer is that we're just not the sort of family to take risks of any sort, and that would include driving without a license in hand. Call us nerds, but there you have it.

My folks are usually quite responsible people. I on the other hand lose things. Major things. All the f!@#$ing time. Credit cards. Bank cards. Cell phones. Digital cameras. Car keys. House keys. Tuition statements. Cordless phones. Address books. Eyeglasses. Graduate school i.d. Zoo parking passes. Crochet hooks. Sarge's keys. Cash. Dog leashes. Borrowed earrings. Ech, I guess payback's a bitch.


faycat said...

Hee hee, that goose(swan, duck? what is that?) looks so disgruntled. That's how I feel today.

Too Little Time said...

The things we do for our mothers. Than again, the things they've done for us, huh? - K

kylie said...

i drive without a licence in hand all the time....i've only been asked for it once in 20 years (i'm too young to say that, surely)
but my family: NO WAY
i'm shocking for losing stuff..it's usually around, not gone forever but where?
i lost our marriage certificate for years and had to get a copy. the original was slipped inside a book, to keep it flat!

Cecile said...

WELL, I hope you get better soon. I hate head colds. OH and I drove without a licence today. I forgot my wallet at home and didn't realize it until I stopped at a store this evening to get some glitter glue and realized that I only had $2.10 worth of change (mostly very sticky pennies) in my console. So, I got back in my Xterra and came on home. I guess the glitter glue can wait.

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

Feel better soon! And, seems like a lot of family-related activities can be summed up in the "fool's errand" category :)