Monday, May 19, 2008


A Post a Day is quite a challenge.  And tonight I'm especially compromised, plagued with the anxiety that strikes sometimes without warning and can be debilitating.  Well, I've been anxious since I was a very little girl, and I'm used to it by now.  I don't enjoy it, though.

So I'm posting a quick one to boost my spirits, a picture I took recently of my favorite things--a big, cheery mug of coffee and the beginnings of a knitting project.  

Deep breath, exhale...


CSI Seattle said...

A post-a-day is one heck of a challenge. However, we are really getting to know you much better, and it has been fun.

Breath in, breath out - repeat as necessary

Suzanne said...

Hell, I didn't even know! Did I miss something? (Like Rob always says "Oh, you're missin' something alrigh.") Hey, not funny.

First, the photo is gorgeous. You know me, I notice that sort of stuff. The post is wonderful. I didn't know, but now I do. I will tread on you lightly! Ahhhhhhhhh, screw it. I'll talk to you the way I always do! I love you to death and can't talk to you any other way than the way I do. Push what ever you can't handle aside and absorb the rest. Deal? Good.

I love you honey. Thrive.

Suze XO


Suzanne said...

Alright, it not alrigh! God help me.

Anonymous said...

the photo is excellent, and yes, anxiety attacks aren't nice, but I'm sure you can get through them as you're a strong lady! Go girl!


ps - Suze, you kill me with your typos!!

kylie said...

the typos are a deliberate thing, i'm sure!

the photo is great....evocative of warm, safe places.
i dont usually get anxious without good reason but when i do it's crippling so i hope it passes soon and you can get on with living life

about your last post...i had been curious about hedgies hair so i'm glad you cleared that one up. interestingly it was not the princess who announced recently that she would like pink hair but my 13 year old son..he wants black hair with pink streaks! i told him i hoped he was saving hard because i couldnt do that at home. his dad nearly choked

your comments about allowing room for discussion with hedgie, rather than direct questioning, were good. i'm very direct myself and i know it is sometimes a handicap but it seems that the less direct approach is instinctive because no-one seems able to explain it to me

take care

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

Anxiety and I are well acquainted. Leah that photograph is so gorgeous. It invites you in for a cup of coffee and conversation...that always helps my anxiety.

Post a Day is a big challenge for sure, but we're more than half-way there. I feel like I need to make a list of topics so I don't bore anyone...least of all myself!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I take medication for my anxiety...seriously. Meditation works although for anxious people it is VERY challenging.

I like what CSI Seattle said, "Breathe in, breathe out." Breathing is very good for people like us! ;-)

kylie said...

breathing is good for all of us!

Leah said...

Hey Brian! Thanks for the comment, I really do appreciate it. That horrible anxiety attack lasted on and off through yesterday and last night! Ergh. Maybe I need to go on another blog rant, those seem to be so salubrious, you know?

Suzanne--thank you so much, and don't worry, you don't have to tread lightly. I like a little jostling! I like the advice "push whatever you can't handle aside." Yes, absolutely.

Hi Peter, the vote of confidence means so much to me, it really does. It's absolutely heartwarming to get these sweet words of encouragement, and I'm very glad to have made your acquaintance!

Kylie! Yes, the direct questioning versus open discussion conundrum--oh my gosh, it's so hard to hold back. Part of the reason I've started to make a big effort is because Hedgie actually came out and said "Mama, I hate when you pepper me with questions!" That's pretty direct, eh? So, will you let your son get his hair done that way? When I was a teen, my folks let me do whatever I wanted with my hair, crazy dye jobs and all, I guess they figured it was an impermanent way of experimenting...

Not-So, this post a day is murder, but it's keeping my brain going so it can't be all bad--I'd also thought of making a list of topics...

Hi R.C.--I'm so glad you stopped by! Anxiety attacks suck. I've never tried meditation, but have always wanted to, but I can see how they could be hard for an anxious person.

Mr. Shife said...

I am lucky if I can post once a week. I tried the every day thing and it is tough work. Good luck. And great job on the photo - it is very nice.

Suzanne said...

Hi baby. Can you believe how much we all love and care about one another? It's amazing. I didn't realize you were experiencing panic attack right now. I've dealt with them with my dear friend Renee in L.A., and understand completely. I'm going to email you with my address and if you need me I'm just a click away, or a phone call away. Seriously. I love you so much and hate to see you suffer. I'm not going away honey. I'm right here. Just so you know.

Hang in there dear friend. I love you so much.

Suzanne said...

Peter...knock it off!

Suzanne said...

Hey, Kylie, knock it off too. They aren't deliberate. I type fast, but type like crap!!! Pefection is an empty goal. ;)

Leah said...

"perfection is an empty goal." That is so true. You're really coming up with some gems lately, Miss S!

Suzanne said...

Meditaion won't be hard for an anxious person. It will calm your soul. You'll see.

I love you.


kylie said...

hi leah,
i'm cool if he dyes his hair, as you say its an impermanent experiment.... also i wish i hadnt been soooo painfully conservative as a teen and wouls encourage my kids to experiment (sensibly) while they can
i'm not sure what his dad will say, he's rather hardline on lots of things so i guess i'll just give him my blessing and let him negotiate with his dad!
he may never have the money and the decision will be made by default :)