Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Husband

My husband, as a young soldier in the 101st Airborne. That's him, back row far left, squinting into the sun. He really was just a boy!

He's my hero. He's brave and loyal and has done many things that I have only read about. He's also the smartest person I've ever met, and a true intellectual. He's tough when he must be and also kind when you least expect it--in fact, he has a sweetness and generosity of spirit that inspires me every day. All of this makes him absolutely impossible to pigeonhole. You just can't categorize the fellow, now matter how much you might think you can, knowing just one set of facts about his life. Most of all, I love how he consistently astonishes the people who try to stereotype him. He is a living reproach to anyone who thinks that people can be packaged up into neat little boxes; in this age of division and thoughtless ideology I meet more and more people who believe in easy labels. My husband's entire complex existence proves them wrong.


Suzanne said...

Hey baby, that's not the back row. It's the second row first from the left. Jeasus Christ!!! You wacky?

I love you of course. He's sweeeeeeeeeeeeeete! Well, I always knew that, but now I know better. Guns. You know me an my opinion of guns. He looks too young to carry a gun. *Rolls eyes in head.* What? I'm not kidding honey, he looks too young.\

Suzanne said...

Nice tee shirts. You know me and my love of tee shirts.

kylie said...

this is beautiful leah.
you have done well to find your soul mate and to keep the fire burning

nick said...

That's a wonderful portrait (in both senses). He sounds very special and how lucky that you met each other. As you say, too many people grab at easy labels and stereotypes that trivialise other people's identity.

lettuce said...

lovely post of love

Madame DeFarge said...

He looks so young - actually, they all do. Sarge sounds just fine. He's also very lucky to have you.

savannah said...

Happy Father's Day to Sarge!

lovely tribute, sugar! i just posted a bawdy ecard! ;~D xoxoxo

Brian Miller said...

sweet. thanks for giving us a glimpse of the love you share, hope he (and you) has a great fathers day.

The Clever Pup said...

Hey Leah,

Sargeant Pepper sounds like the real deal. I can see why you love him so.


Candie Bracci said...

Great post Leah!

Leah said...

Suzy!--those t-shirts--we still have many of them hanging around here--they're all like Seinfeld's Golden Boy (remember that episode?)--they're like silk!

Kylie--he is my soul mate. Yesterday he reminded me that we've been together almost 20 years.

Nick--you always have such a pithy way of putting things--labels "trivialise other people's identity," you understand exactly what I'm getting at! Thanks.

lettuce--thank you sweet lettuce! (I love your handle by the way!)

Mme. DeF--it's absolutely incredible how young they all look, with so much responsibility. I think he was all of 19 there. But at the time I was 14! I would have swooned to think that soldier was my future husband...

savannah-I adored your bawdy e-card. Happy Father's Day to MITM and all the good men out there! xo

Hazel--he's truly the real deal. It's nice to be with someone who you don't have to fake it with, you know?

Candie--thanks doll! Hope the house guests are treating you okay!

MJ said...

And why isn't he wearing a fashionable headband like the others?

books,coffee,etc.... said...

Hi! Leah,
Nice post! usual
I hope that your husband have a nice and pleasant Father's Day!
Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

PI said...

They look so young and he looks a sweetie (am I allowed to say that) and I'm delighted that he is as good as he looks.
I'm not allowed to show my husband. Drat the man!

Cece said...

Well love that genuine is rare, so hold on to it for dear life. Wonderful post, and I have to agree, they all look like little boys. It is scary and sad all balled up into one georgous package.

The Idle Devil said...

It's wonderful to know about him from you. What did he say when he read this?

Ronda Laveen said...

It is so nice to know that marriage strengthens relationships. I have been married over 33 years and just when I think there is nothing new to learn, woosh, here it comes. A great Father's Day tribute to your hubby and Hedgies papa. Thanks for sharing photo and your story.

Baino said...

Just a boy is right! Wonderful that he's wonderful and that you still think he's wonderful . .was this a father's day tribute? Happy day to you US Dads. Ours isn't until September!

Suzanne said...

Hi darling. Thanks for the love and encouragement. I just get in a funk and question a lot of stuff. I know, like every freakin' month! I know you all understand and just allow me to navaigate. Thanks. I love you darling.

All the comments are so cool. He's a looker and a keeper. Can you believe the two of you created Hedgie?! Wow. That's really precious. If you find your voice write about Father's Day and let us all swim in the joy. Love you so much darling. Really, I do.

And honey, thank you.


Megan said...

Hi Sarge! You're a hottie! Happy (belated) Father's Day!


very nice indeed... a loving post.

Suzanne said...

What are you gathering for Em? You and Honey Hunk will know what she needs. Here's what I have so far, let me know if I'm in the ball park.

1) Some California post cards.
2) Candy! I'm not going to send food because I don't know how long a package takes to get to Afganistan yet, and the British woman I spoke with at USPS was so rude I didn't bother to ask. Do you know?
3) A book, but I had to take it back. It's Raymond Carver Stories Will you Please Be Quiet, Please? I realize it was a Christmas present. I can't send that. And I haven't read it. I just sat here and read "Nobody Said Anything." Pretty amazing writing. Irving Howe of the New York Times Book Review said "Among the masterpieces of American fiction." He's right. I'll have to read the book before I can pass it on.

Newsweek said, "Filled with glass-sharp details, images and converstations...Carver has a wicked, ironic imagination. With painful, funny acuteness, he captures the electric currents that shoot though people's lives and singe them indelibly." I agree completely!

I got this book Christmas 1993 and still haven't read it. I swear to God it feels as if I got it just yesterday. Almost 20 years ago? That's just pathetic! Okay, so I think I'll send something by Martha Stewart! Or perhaps a current mag like Good Housekeeping. I bet Em would love to learn how to keep dust out of her tent because one can never be to clean or tidy.
3) I'm thinking about sending one of the teddy bears. What do you and Sarge think? Too prissy? Or warm and comforting?
4) And of course I'm going to send a stuffed heart. You know how I love them so and how they put a smile on a face. However, if this box costs $50, I'm removing everything and just sending a post card. No, I'm not kidding!!! I will just send every post card ever printed in California while Em is navigating life in the Middle East.

Love you darling.

P.S. YES, I know I should email this crap, but I gotta wade though a gazillion emails as you know and I just don't have the time. This is quick and easy.

Suzanne said...

And yes, I know, "too," not "to."

Suzanne said...

And yes I do remember that Seinfeld episode. Now see, you and I know cotton because it's the fabric of our lives. I love how it softens with age. Yup, turns into silk. Wow, you still have those? Wow. You wash em on gentle for 1 second? I know sista! I'm in the process of trying to save a white t-shirt. I'm almost at the point where I'm going to hand soak it. No, I'm not kidding.

Too funny. XO

Mr. Shife said...

He is a good man, and I hope you guys had a great Father's Day with your special guy.

Karen ^..^ said...

That is a beautiful and touching tribute.

How wonderful that you are still so in love with this man who is the father of your child. You are a lucky lady, and best of all, you know it.

Sarge is a lucky man. Hedgie is a wonderful and lucky little girl.

I'm so glad to have met you here.

Donn said...

Almost all of the most humbling experiences in my entire life have been because I failed to look past the exterior of another human being and sanctimoniously generalized about who they are before finding out for myself.

What a wonderful tribute to y'er fella!

just bob said...

I've been lax in reading and commenting over here... but I'm catching up and wanted to let you know I've caught back up now.

So... I'm back!

Suzanne said...

Bob made me laugh and Donn made me smile. I saw the word "acerbic" on the side bar while looking at honey hunk and smiled so wide. You know why? Because that beautiful man loves a deliciously smart woman.

I was thinking about how to fit you on my blank canvas today. I can't. You're too big for 3'x 4'. Trust me, I just looked! You need a bigger canvas and I'm not prepared to make one right now. So I'm here looking at honey hunk and laughing at you and all your big words. God, that's one good man!!! And you? Well, you're the best.

Love you darling. Have a beautiful Wednesday.

Emerson Marks said...

Blast it all to hell, how I'd like a nice husband who can handle guns.

Leah said...

These are such awesome comments! I am compelled to return and respond to each of you--my mouse is having issues with freezing and balking--but I shall try--


Mrsupole said...

That was such a wonderfully written story about your hubby. It should do him proud. I love men in uniforms and men with guns, wheeeeeee, I loved my M-16, oh yes if I could have one of those to take home I would be a happy women. I still got my combat boots and they still shine. They just didn't let us take those M-16's home. Sigh.

Anyway great picture of the guys. Airborne rocks. Rangers rocks. They are the best.

And always be glad that Sarge cannot be figured out, it would make him boring, and you need interesting not boring.

God bless.