Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Love/I Hate

First of all, I love memes. I can't help it. This one came from Megan. Sort of like the equivalent of summer beach reading. Not too taxing, but fun.

Things I Love/Things I Hate:

1. Most Loved Food: Pizza. Boring, I know. But I love pizza and could eat it for every meal for a year.
Most Hated Food: Cooked green pepper.  Ugh.

2. Most Loved Person: Two-way tie between Hedgie and Sarge.  And I've just got to throw my sister and mom in the mix there too.

Most Hated Person: I can't say it here.  So I'll go for my second-most-hated person, Hitler.  Yes, Hitler is only my second-most-hated.

3. Most Loved Job: Teaching college.  Sometimes I really miss it.  

Most Hated Job: Door-to-door for Greenpeace.  Honestly, I wasn't even sure what they did.  I couldn't defend the organization against the hollerers.  And frankly, I wasn't keen on interrupting people's dinner anyway.  I sucked at it, and quit after three terrifying days.  Funnily enough, I'm still not sympathetic to the Greenpeace-ers when they ring my doorbell.  Oh and a well-kept secret of Greenpeace is that a large portion of your donation goes directly to pay the door-to-door nudges.  

4. Most Loved City: New York City

Most Hated City: New York City

5. Most Loved Band: A tie between The Pogues and The Who

Most Hated Band: Rage Against the Machine.  

6. Most Loved Website: 
The Onion

Most Hated Website: Any website that prominently features any celebrity.

7. Most Loved t.v. Program: M.A.S.H.

Most Hated t.v. Program: Rachel Maddow.

8. Most Loved Movie: "Velvet Goldmine"

Most Hated Movie: "Religulous" and I've never even seen it!

9. Most Loved Artist: Courbet

Most Hated Artist: Monet.  It's just too pretty.  His art is like the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction."  It's become a cliche and I can't even see it clearly any more.

10. Most Loved Book: "These Happy Golden Years" by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Most Hated Book: "In the Belly of the Beast" by Jack Henry Abbott.  For many reasons, not the least of which is that it's crappily written.

11. Most Loved Shop: The Lion Brand Yarn Studio in NYC

Most Hated Shop: Salvation Army, Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn (don't get me wrong, I love Salvy, but this particular branch is where the cockroaches crawl off to die).

12. Most Loved Organization: The U.S. Army

Most Hated Organization: NAMBLA.

13. Most Loved Historical Event: When we elected the first woman president.  Oh wait, shit, that hasn't happened yet.  

Most Hated Historical Event: I'm with Megan on this one: The Holocaust.

14. Most Loved Sport: I don't follow any sports cause I'm a lame-ass girl, but I love the sound of football and baseball on the t.v. or radio when Sarge watches it or listens to it.  I think that sound is cheerful.

Most Hated Sport: ditto above.  

15. Most Loved Piece of  Tech: My ipod

Most Hated Piece of Tech: My cell phone

16. Most Loved Annual Event: The Passover Seder.

Most Hated Annual Event: The "Christmas costs less at Walmart" version of Christmas.

17. Most Loved Daily Task: tucking Hedgehog into bed and giving her goodnight kisses.

Most Hated Daily Task: Shlepping groceries up four flights of stairs.

18. Most Loved Comedian: Jerry Stiller

Most Hated Comedian: Janeane Garofolo.  Smug.

Your turn.  If you're bored or have insomnia and need something to do!


Books,Coffee,etc.... said...

Hi! Leah,
I already commented on Megan's meme
and your meme just like Megan's meme is very interesting, funny, and honest!...Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

Karen ^..^ said...

So great. I don't know if I can top it!!

I love you, Leah. Oh, and look for a package soon!

MJ said...

Most Loved Website: The Onion

We know you meant to say “Infomaniac” but we’ll let it go this time.

Megan said...

Darnit, I wanted to be first! :)

I must admit to a sneaking liking for Rachel Maddow, in spite of her smugness.

I am so wondering about the most-hated person.

Books,Coffee,etc.... said...

Megan said,"Darnit, I wanted to be first!"
Oops! I'am so sorry!...Megan, at least I mentioned your name...
...I bet you are thinking..."great!" she mentioned my name...I still wanted to be "first!" ;-D

Rima said...

We have to go to Lion Brand Studio one of these days! Next week?

Brian Miller said...

nice twisting them together. cell phones have such away of bringing on the the wrath. great job, very interesting.

Mrsupole said...

Thanks for the info about greenpeace wasting our money to pay people to do a job that should be done for free.

And the US Army is a really great place. Both hubby and I are vets from the Army. Our oldest daughter was born in an Army hospital. Second one was born in the Panama Canal Zone hospital the army shared. So the Army rates at the top for us too.

The Holocaust is agreed upon by me.

Four stories is a long way to haul groceries. Boycott the place till they put in an elevator. But at least you are getting exercise and are kept healthy from the stairs.

God bless.

savannah said...

i'm going to save this for one of my sleepless nights, sugar. xoxo

nick said...

Ha, I could do an entire post on my most hated shops, there are so many of them. All those shops where they're not interested in helping you, don't know anything about the products, are busy chatting to each other, or react as if you've asked for something totally unheard-of and only available in Mongolia.

Luckily there are also shops that are totally the opposite and crave satisfied customers. There's a fabulous coffee merchant near my new house that has all sorts of exotic coffee beans. I've resolved to try every single one.

Jimmy Bastard said...

I've tried, but I cannae quite picture you in beads, kaftan, and Greenpeace sandals.

As for your fave band, I've spent many a neet in the company of Mr McGowan and Mr Finer. Waxies Dargle was one of my old haunts.

Knitter in an Urban Zoo said...

I love these crazy memes too.

Marianna said...

I love memes!! Maybe I'll try it later...enjoyed reading yours :)

PI said...

I confuse Corot and Courbet. I love Corot's trees and Courbet's 'The edge of the sea at Palavas'

Baino said...

OMG I know who you hate more than Hitler, that's some grudge there girl! Did you dress as a Greenpeace koala with a bucket for small change? I've yet to do the 'Love' one . . next week maybe.

Leah said...

Books, Coffee--Thanks DeeDee! Always nice to see you!

Karen--a package? Really? woohoo!

MJ--I was going to but I thought it would look too much like ass-kissing!

Megan--I've never actually watched the Rachel show all the way through--something about her expression--I'm a tough customer that way, at least where talking heads are concerned, who knows maybe I'd like it!--
the most-hated person is a long and complex and deep story full of dread and horror--which would give away way too much about my personal life and anyway would probably bore you to tears! lol

Thanks for the borrowed meme!

Rima--I would love to; I'm not sure when we're going upstate. I'll email you! That store is so great, just to hang out and knit at the table. The only thing missing is coffee! I wonder if you're allowed to bring it in?

Brian--cell phones have such a way of bringing on the wrath--that is just SO true!

Mrsupole--go Army! Sarge is a veteran--as I know I've said before probably over and over, LOL! I didn't know that you were! That is very cool.

savannah--that is definitely the time to do it! I foresee another sleepless night for myself--maybe I'll dream up a new meme--

Leah said...

nick--I know, I have so many shops I hate. But I also have a wonderful coffee store that's been in the neighborhood for decades! I love it. But I tend always to get the same type of bean--I'm such a creature of habit! Maybe I should branch out...

Jimmy--I'll let you in on a little secret: I own a pair of Birkenstocks. Sarge recoils in horror whenever I wear them anywhere near him...which is why I only wear them in the deep summer, in the middle of the woods, far from any other human beings...

As for the Pogues, I am so happy to know we share this love!

Knitter--why do we love them so much?...

Marianna--I hope you do it! I love reading them as much as I love doing them...

PI--I love Corot too, actually!

Baino--wait, who did you think I hated more than Hitler? I'm agog to know! It can't be who I'm talking about, though, because that person is a long and involved story that I've never mentioned here...But you know I'm kind of a hater sometimes so you're probably right! ; )

kylie said...

i find it amazing that anybody can compile a most loved/ hated list. i just cant be that definitive. i also cant think through all the possibilities, i'd write the list and spend the next week thinking "oh, i should have put that for who i hate............"

cheers leah

Anonymous said...

The Pogues- yay- love'em X

Leah said...

Kylie--I radically narrowed it down, and some of those answers change daily...

Cinnamon--they are even more amazing live!

Leah said...

Mrsupole--just to add, it's our house so I can't really sue the landlord to get an elevator added! I must admit though that I have often dreamed of getting an inclinator to take me up those funny-angled 1850s stairs...but you're right, it's good exercise!

Megan said...

Giggling at DeeDee...

Patty said...

Speaking for the staff of the Lion Brand Yarn Studio . . . THANKS!!! We are honored to be your fave.