Saturday, May 10, 2008

By the Way, This Child Made Them

Hedgehog has a small business making earrings, and today she set up a table at our block fair to exercise her entrepreneurial spirit. "Mama," she commented. "I think they'll sell better if people know a 7-year-old made them." If you click on the picture, you can see her advertising technique:

Yes, "this child made them".

She sold quite a few pairs, and then lost interest and wandered off with a ten-dollar-bill to explore the fair with her grandma. A few minutes later, she came racing back, bursting with news: "Mama! I found a remote control gorilla for only five dollars!"



Cecile said...

I love the sign, and my boys would kill for the remote controll gorrilla. Yes, I think Hedgie and the twins would be instant friends. I've missed you guys, but I'm back now. So BEWARE!!!

Cecile said...

Could I see a picture of the earrings? I might be interested in a pair.

kylie said...

yeah, the sign is great!!
but i have lots to say on "smother love"
the cookies look scrumptious.
i've gotta say, i never even thought of asking people what their kids were or were not allowed to do until other parents asked me!
i just trusted other parents to treat my kids as they saw fit and it wasn't until someone asked me about allowed foods that i realised this play date thing could be fraught!
then my kids came home from a party and all the lollies in the party bag were wrapped ones....i used to just chuck in handfuls of whatever i thought was yummy....appalling parenting!
hope youre having a nice mothers day!

Anonymous said...

How cute!! And the remote controlled gorilla - definitely an interesting purchase.
It sounds like Hedgehog is going to be a pretty good businesswoman - they'll sell better if they know a 7 year old made them - pure brilliance!

Great post,
Peter x

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

That child is brilliant.

Kim said...

I think I would have been scared of that gorilla when I was her age! But I definitely thought about things the same way- I would have made a sign, too.

Suzanne said...

I'm still laughing. I called Rob to read it and he's still laughing. He said to Heggie "Go girl!" That sign is too funny. We actually high-fived after reading this post! She's brilliant. She just needs a bit more focus, and then she'll take the world by storm!!! We also love the gorilla and the way you've used him as a lovely dining room table centerpiece. Aren't you cleaver. Now all he need's is four little knitted booties and he's ready to be decorated for every holiday! :)


From one mommy to another, with much love and admiration,
Suze XO

muralimanohar said...

Ha...she could be my girl's sister. :p Right down to buying the most appalling plastic crap at the markets, lol.

BTW...seems the butter post has disappeared? :p

Leah said...

Muralimanohar-- I managed somehow to delete my butter box post, but never fear, I've recreated it...