Monday, May 5, 2008


A warm, bright morning in Gramercy Park, where I actually found a parking spot. Not a hydrant with my four-way flashers going, mind you, or even more luckily a meter, but a real live bona-fide NYC parking space, right across from the Park. So I walked a bit, enjoying the sun through the trees:

and peering into the famous locked park like the envious riff-raff I am to ogle the imprisoned tulips:

and taking an illicit photo of the greener grass in there, trodden upon only by the very lucky few key-holders:

The famous National Arts Club (what goes on in there, one wonders):

Mansard roofs:

And ivy-covered retreats:

Just a few blocks away, I heeded the warning:

and overheard these fine gents discussing their job histories-- "I used to do break-ins, tvs and stuff, I don't any more":

After I ran my errands, I headed home to our street like a Brooklyn bower:

And p.s. if anyone stops by with a ghost story, leave it as a comment on the May 4th post. I'd love to hear it!


Suzanne said...

Love this post. And yes, I had a ghost story too. Left it down below. I still have tears in my eyes. I believe in ghosts and I believe in my grandmother.

The photos here are gorgeous and your words...always perfect. Okay, screw moving back to Woodstock...I'm coming to live with you!


P.S. Things didn't work out with the dog. Go to my blog for info. Keep crossing your fingers.

Lisa said...

What a wonderful pictorial! Makes me want to get out for lunch and walk around too. Perhaps next week.....sorry to report, no ghost stories from me....

Leah said...

Hey Lisa! So nice to "see" you here! And I even got bonus comments on my last posts--how fun. I've really been getting the yen to wander around in the springtime--the city is so lush and pretty.

Leah said...

Suzanne--I really believe that those people will do the right thing for the dog if it needs your help. Well, I'm crossing my fingers too! How did your MIL take it? Or are you waiting to tell her?

I thought your ghost story was lovely. Thanks for sharing it.