Thursday, May 8, 2008

Shaolin Daughter

From my vantage point outside Hedgehog's martial arts class--she had a private lesson today, just by chance--a poorly-lit, clandestine photo.  She was beautiful in class today--her focus and form are impressive.  She's a graceful, tough little girl, so different from the child I was.  I guess that's the best thing about one's children--although they come from you, and learn from you, they're never exactly like you.


Anonymous said...

What a great photo - full of mood, attitude and poise. Brilliant.
I'm sure she'll grow up to become a fine young lady.
It's strange how much we can learn from 'the little people' - sometimes their outlook on life is just so simple, that it's complicated! And usually they come up with the right answers!!
Take care,

Suzanne said...

Beautiful post and amazing photo. You described how you see your daughter the way I saw my niece. When I went home to NY to care for her and her brother while their mom was in Cape Cod, I was amazed by her confidence at 9 years old. Like Hedgehog, she was in martial arts class and I watched while she worked. Then, I was fortunate to stay in NY 6 weeks rather than 1 week because I had such a horrible sinus infection and was able to see her take a very important test. My sister was next to me and not emotional, but I remember tears streaming down my face. I was so proud. I was so amazed that this little confident girl was part of the fabric that made up our lives. Half her genes were ours and I felt very lucky. And then I was fortunate enough to go to her 6th grade graduation and watch as she recieved awards for citizenship, etc.. As my sister and brother-in-law and entire family sat beside me happy, but unemotional, tears were streaming down my face. I was so proud. I felt like the happiest parent on earth, except I wasn't her mom.

It's funny how my sisters and brothers all had the most amazing kids. I think I didn't have any because as a parent I would have been an emotional wreck. It's hard enough just being an aunt!

I love this post. But what I love most is the way you adore your daughter. I know you're an amazing mom.

XO Suze

Leah said...

Suzanne, those words really mean a lot to me. I always need encouragement, as a parent! It's so damn nerve-wracking. And yes, I am often an emotional wreck. I certainly cry often...

Peter! Thanks! I have learned soooo much from my daughter, about myself and the world. It's quite incredible.

kylie said...

hi leah,
the amazement i feel when contemplating my kids never goes away, particularly with sport. i couldn't do sport to save my life and it just floors me when my kids do well....they've been good athletes for years now and it still amazes me everytime.
i think we ALL need encouraging as parents. it's always new, isnt it? you just begin to feel competent and the next unimagined challenge comes along.
the miracle is that we're all raised by parents who probably believe they're fumbling along and most of us turn out to be ok people
have a lovely weekend

Suzanne said...

I'm so glad sweetie. I adore you and love your posts. They're always interesting, funny, poignant, thought provoking, etc. I feel comfortable here. Like I'm wearing a beautifully knitted pair of soft, warm socks (when's the next contest?)! So basically, if I'd had kids I'd be you. I could live with that my darling almost Rabbi. And no, if I had a boy I would not circumcize because that's too much pain for a wee one. Does that mean I would be thrown out of the synagogue? Oh that's right, I'm not even Jewish. Why do I think I'm Jewish?!

Love ya,

Leah said...

Wonderful comment, Kylie--I just read it aloud to my husband, and he especially appreciated "you just begin to feel competent and the next unimagined challenge comes along." He said he'd rarely heard it articulated so well!

and Suzanne too--such a compliment! I just love the idea that my blog is a comfortable place to visit. I really love that. And I think I will host another sock contest quite soon. I have to think of a good theme...

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

You are my blogging idol. I like so much the way you think...Hedgehog is a lucky little girl to have a Mom who cares so much.

Leah said...

AJ--that is THE nicest thing to say. I swear, I'm going to work your comment in counted cross stitch and frame it!!!! I'm not kidding, that's the type of comment where I'm going to come back repeatedly and stare at it whenever I feel down. XO