Monday, March 2, 2009


I've posted my favorite "dirty" poem HERE if you'd care to peek.


just bob said...

Potty mouth

Karen ^..^ said...

WHAT???!!! I loved it! Great poem, and great philosophy.

HoodChick said...

Thirteen times a night?? Are these boys rabbits?

Robyn said...

Hey Leah! I have missed you girlie! Just popped in to say hello!

Skeeter said...

Poetry too! Will definitely take a look!!!

Best wishes,


Candie Bracci said...

not blushing at all the men you mean do exist yo.

Karen ^..^ said...

LEAH!!! You HAVE to join Facebook!! JUST BOB IS ON THERE!!! Seriously!!!

Plus, you can link your blogs to it, thus getting more exposure. Heh.

Jimmy Bastard said...

Just as I said.. you twist, you turn, you shock, you amuse.

Most of all though, you thoroughly entertain.

Leah said...

Bob: I am, what can I say. But so was e.e. cummings!

Karen: I'm glad I shared then!

HoodChick: I believe they were turning bad luck to good with that number... ; )

Robyn: Hi doll! So so good to see you--will stop by your place in a 'mo.

Skeeter: a poim for sure.

Candie: ...I admit I blushed just a little the first time I read that poem...

Karen!: omg, I had a Facebook account for awhile and was obsessed with it, but I just shut it down a few weeks ago lock stock and barrel. I can't really explain was a whim, I guess. Now I'm thinking I probably maybe maybe should have left it active?

Jimmy: glad you enjoyed (?) the poem...glad you were amused, because I think he meant it to be funny too.