Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Tomorrow is the vernal equinox, and I have a feeling of delight that borders on dread... while waiting, and in between chores, I'm adding ripples to my afghan and using the scraps for granny squares:

I've made so many of these over the years, sort of joylessly, but I joined the granny-along , and now something about the affirmation of so many others has made me a fan for the first time. Although maybe homely, they're so jolly and quick to make, and so satisfying in their little stacks.

Here's the Waldorf doll I made, from a Magic Cabin kit, for my mom's birthday:

Something about grannies, afghans, and dollies--they inhabit a gentle space outside of this mean world.

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Too Little Time said...

Your granny's inspired me - I pulled out scraps myself and crochet up 2 - I also have a legacy sprinkeled with granny's Karrie