Monday, March 12, 2007

The Ancestors, Part One of Several

Some of my favorite ancestors, may they rest in peace, were very good at the needle arts. My aunt Abby, for instance:

She taught me to knit, and was very good at it. She made me and my sister, when we were little, a pair of handmade cardigans, one dark red, one blue, with zippers and cables and machine washable. What could be better for little girls? We wore them out completely with love.

Abby also introduced me to the idea of really expensive yarn--she loved luxury in general! If it felt nice to touch and cost a lot, it was for her. I've come to realize how good for a person's morale it is to work with nice materials. I realize this more and more as I get older. As a result, my stash has become quite a bit fancier over the years.

My Great-Aunt Libby was memorable for her own talents:

In her later years, she began making miniskirts for me and my sister, all a simple pattern (straight side seam, gathered elasticized waist), but every kind of fabric the mind could know. Our favorite was a faux fur leopard print.

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