Thursday, March 15, 2007

More and More

The Ripple is proving to be a major project, but really fun. I love the look and feel of the Cotton Glace--so crisp and clean. And the crazy, senseless, inexorable march of colors:

It reminds me that spring is nearly here. It will cheer our bedroom for the warm seasons.

This is my favorite project in quite awhile. I'd forgotten how much I like to crochet. It was my first thing, before knitting, and it has its place in the world. Maybe it doesn't give the drape of knitting, and the patterns are more scarce, but it's really the only thing, in my opinion, for a bedspread.

1 comment:

faycat said...

A little bird told me that I'd find you here. Now I will steal your ripple blanket pattern so that I don't feel so guilty about the unspecified number of yarn stashes that I have stragetically hidden around the apartment but never gotten around to using.