Friday, March 23, 2007


Two years gone now. My dad, Alexander:

One summer a long time ago, dad, inspired I think by this little Japanese owl

made this:

from a stone he found at our lake house. And then made more and more of these, now scattered from house to house in New York City and the Adirondacks. As are so many reminders of our Al, our dad.


Juliet said...

I like your dad's owl better than the wooden one. What a crafty family! I hope you have a gnome and an owl haging out together on a branch somewhere. I looked at the gnome book, but don't think I'd make anything in it besides the knitted one like yours. I think I'm going to try and make up my own knit in the round. And I thought yours had little arms vs. a cape which I liked. I will definitely keep you posted. Is there a bottom to your gnome?

Dorothy said...

Cute owl rock. That is a very nice way to remember someone. Your Dad sounds like a very interesting person.