Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Road Tripping Downfalls" (or, Hedgehog's Catharsis)

Hedgehog says:

"This is a list of complaints:

Complaint #1. I objected to this trip. And I was right.

Complaint #2. Why I was right is because getting cramped in a horrible car for about 14 hours. Is that your idea of fun?

Complaint #3. I thought I had picked boring, lousy books to read on the trip. And I was right.

Complaint #4. It takes too long to get through the states.

Complaint #5. I fear that now whenever I enter the car, after this road trip, I will remember the road trip with precise detail.

And, dear readers, those are most of my main complaints."

Mama says: let's hope tomorrow's better than today.

And weren't the waffles at Waffle House tasty?


Sarge said...

All I can say is that you are right, but try to make the best of it if you can. Then try to imagine the same trip almost 40 years earlier. The Interstates weren't complete. The cars didn't have A/C (well, ours didn't), the gas stations and rest stops weren't too frequent. We didn't have DVD players or video games, and mamas in those days wouldn't let you read in the car because it would "ruin your eyes."

Then try to imagine the trip 40 years before that, and 40 years before that. Maybe you'll feel better. Maybe not. It's probably not much help when you're miserable to be told how much better off you are than if you had made the trip in someone else's "good old days."

I hope tomorrow's more fun.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hedgehog,

you do not know me and I do not know you. My name is mago and I am sorry, I do not know where this trip will lead you to. But I guess some nice, friendly and entertaining places will come by. And when the adults behave strange it's New Orleans.
My dear I really hope that you can find some joy within this travel - open your eyes, see and think for yourself, ask and wonder, and believe me: It gets better!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Maria said...

There is nothing worse than packing lousy books.

Even waffles can't really make up for it.

just bob said...

Waffle House isn't as good as Denny's... but good nonetheless.

Megan said...

Hedgie, Liam's advice is: "Go to sleep. That's what I always do."

nick said...

1. Hey, it's hardly started.
2. At least you can get out and have a good wander, unlike long-haul.
3. You have to develop an instinct for the good ones. And find a bookshop.
4. You're just not alert enough to the interesting and unusual.
5. Hopefully having had a fabulous time after all....

Abi said...

I think driving (or being driven) for long distances is one of those things that has to be learned...

I have absolutely no idea how I'd fare driving across a *state*, England is like the size of a state and the furthest I've been in a ground bound vehicle was from just under half way up England, down to the bottom and across on a ferry to the edge of France!!

I couldn't read on moving vehicles as a child and adolescent, I still can't sometimes, I get a horrible migraine!

There's not much worse than listening to your own kid whine and moan when you're trapped in a tin can with them. I hope it improves!

How's the scenery so far?

Have some earplugs x

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Well, it beats the hell out of sitting at a desk all day, doesn't it? Do you have a portable DVD player? That helps a lot.

BTW, had a fantastic dinner at the River Cafe last night with Mrs. Wife. Who cares if it's a tourist joint! We loved it! Walked off our desert on the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset. I love this town.

kylie said...

one day, hedgehog, you will remember the interesting stuff you did and saw and you will have forgotten all about the boring bits.
you're lucky you can read, even if the books are bad, reading in cars makes me soooo car sick. it's awful.

have fun
and try to only ask when you'll be getting there about 20 times an hour

The Clever Pup said...

When I was 14 my parents drove across Canada. The prairies were endless. To make things more fun, the highways were posted with the a countdown to the nearest garbage can.

And the summer hours just flew by....

savannah said...

it's absolutely no comfort now, sugar, but one day you'll look back and laugh, at your mama, of course, but mostly at yourself! and it will be ok!

p.s. if you don't have a camera, see if you can get mama to buy a disposable one. take pics of things that you like and write things down. when the trip is over, put your pics and notes together in your own travel diary. i promise you, 20 years from now, you'll be glad you did!

Brian Miller said...

ha. i can just hear these, only in my sons' voices. they always bring along their blankets that gramma made for them, after about a half hour we look into the back to see two blue ghosts covered in blankets fast asleep. ditto on the falling asleep suggestion. don't worry car time will fade into memory once you arrive.

PI said...

I always thought reading in the car made you feel car- sick but ignore this if it doesn't. We used to play a game - all of us collecting car colours. Say red cars - mum and dad play too and who is the first to get ten red cars?
Make the most of whilst you are the only child. When you get a brother or a sister it tends to get noisier and they have to have their say too.
Think of all the adventures you can tell your friends about when you get home and I promise you you 'll be glad you travelled with mum and dad - one day.

Ronda Laveen said...

I loved Sarge's comment. Ditto. Did someone say waffles? MMMMMMmmmmm

Jimmy Bastard said...

Princess Hedgie, remember that everything that your mom and dad are doing is for you hen.
Take onboard all the beautiful things that you will see on this road trip, because you will be doing the same thing for your bairns when the times comes.

Appreciate the fact that spending time with your family is something which will give you endless happy memories when you look back in years to come.

And if all this doesn't help... dad will give you $20 if you stop kicking the back of his seat.


Emerson Marks said...

I bloody love waffles.

I do envy you Americans with all your diners and lovely sunnyside up eggs business.

Baino said...

Did I miss something? Is there a reason you're gunning 14 hour a day drives? Five hours in one stint is my limit.

Leah said...

Thank you each and every one for the wonderful comments--Hedgehog had a fabulous time reading them all! She is being such a trooper--nary a complaint but one or two whines the whole time, and considering my sister and I have been having a bit of a roller coaster ride, that is pretty incredible.

She is a great kid.

And yes--I do believe dad will "tip" her 20 bucks when we get home! He's not along for the ride, alas--we miss him terribly. She'll be awfully glad you suggested it, Jimmy.

Baino--I'm not sure what madness possessed us to gun it 14 hours the first day. We're being much more sedate the rest of the trip...

xo to all.