Sunday, December 28, 2008

Walk in the Rain: a Quiet Little Post

And on another note...

Here are some pictures I took one rainy day a few weeks ago, of the walk from our house to Hedgie's school, and back again:

Here's Hedgie, walking up our block, briskly ahead as she likes to do:

Some odd little houses around the corner--they always remind me of tiny Taras, little plantation homes:

A forbidding view of the pretty church attached to my old preschool:

The pear tree next door to Hedgie's school:

Inside school, where there has been a little lice epidemic; funny public service announcement posters by the kids:

On my way back home, without Hedgie, more opportunity to take some pics. Here's the sign outside a neighborhood church, always changing and always very thoughtful. I especially like this quote:

The church steps where my friends and I would sit between high school classes, back in the day:

A dying breed: the emergency call box:

As far as I'm concerned, best bagels in the city. But I'm sure folks would argue that their neighborhood bagel place is best. Hey, most of them are good. Just like the pizza. It's damned hard to find a bad slice of pizza in Brooklyn.

The store where my family has shopped for generations:

Took a detour with camera to the scenic promenade; Gothic and Victorian and melancholy in the rain--my favorite look for a neighborhood:

Can you quite make out Lady Liberty, ethereal in the fog?

And back home again, balancing umbrella, camera, handbag, and iced coffee to give you a taste of my Brooklyn neighborhood:


Sarah said...

Those are some great photos. I love wandering neighborhoods with my camera! Looks like you had fun with yours.

MJ said...

Last night I had my recurring dream of being back east and looking at all the old buildings; all the's all new new new where I am now.

I always wake up crying from those dreams.

Thank goodness I'm moving back later this year.

Thanks for these images.

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

I love your photos !!! I am very interested in good bagels. We do not have them in Chicago. I haven't had a good bagel since New York!

just bob said...

Hey trees actually do grow in Brooklyn.

Brandy Rose said...

Simply beautiful.

Megan said...

Thanks for sharing these! I have been meaning to get out around my own hood and take some pictures, but it's nowhere near as pretty as yours...

muralimanohar said...

So..uh..can I come stay with you that day in the future when I finally make it to NYC?? Brooklyn's always been on my list, anyway. :p

Joyful Jo said...

Hi Leah,
Thanks for stopping by at my place.
Your photos look interesting. I love looking at other peoples world and where they come from.
Your neighbourhood looks really tidy and clean.

kylie said...

love the new colour!

i want to know why on earth you are drinking iced coffee in the middle of winter?

i also love the photos. all of em

Anonymous said...

You know what? You are a great writer, Leah. I love your descriptions. I hope you plan on writing a book someday soon.

Thank you for the tour of your neighborhood. It was fun!!!

Hope you are enjoying the holidays with your family!


Leah said...

I must answer Kylie first--but I'll be ba-ack:

Kylie, it's crazy I know, but when I get coffee "out" I always get iced coffee, even if it's blizzarding. My hands were freeeeeeezing that day, but iced coffee it must be. At home, it's always hot. I make a very awesome pot of coffee and like it in its purest form.

: )

Karen ^..^ said...

Wow, beautiful photos!!! I miss New York, sadly I never got to Brooklyn, but it seems to be one of the oldest and most preserved of all the boroughs. I'm from Staten Island, and all the houses are just so squished together, no property at all. No fun. Brooklyn looks beautiful, and old, and historical. I love it. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

Karen ^..^ said...

Oh, and thanks for directing me here. LOL, I thoroughly enjoyed your other blog, but this one is great for every day. ;)

Leah said...

Hi Sarah! You were in my neck of the woods last year, I believe, buying coffee? : )

MJ: Back east Canada? Or US? I know what you mean, when I was away from Bklyn for a few years, I really had that awful homesick ache...I'm glad you're going to be back where you want to be!

NSCG: I too am overly interested in good bagels...

Bob: they do, they do! Except where developers are planting giant apartment buildings...

Brandy Rose: thanks sweetie!

Megan: Definitely show us some pics of your nabe! And we've got ugly bits, I just didn't show 'em!

Murali: c'mon down! You would totally love Brooklyn.

Hi Jo, I love looking at other folks' surroundings, especially when they come from far away. Our nabe is pretty tidy--but it's also a little oasis in Brooklyn, and Brooklyn is absolutely enormous!

Karen, you're from Staten Island? My dad taught public school English ("language arts") there for 30 years--we were always hanging out around his school. My husband lived there for a few years too. Small world! What do you think of Staten Island trying to become its own city? Interesting, isn't it?

RC, dear RC, thanks again for such a lovely compliment! tons of xs and os to you.

Walker said...

Walking and living where you grew up is like living in a timecapsle of your life