Monday, November 10, 2008

Thankful for the Hiss of Heat

I love to hear the radiators kick on when the nights get chilly. A comforting sound that's been with me from childhood. In all the various houses and apartments in which I've lived, it's been a Brooklyn constant. So I'm thankful for all the many radiators that have kept me comfortable and warm over the years.


Megan said...

Only a few places I've lived have had that type of heat.

It's nice and cool today but we are supposed to get high temperatures again by the end of the week. :( I'm ready to get my sweaters out, darnit!

Kookaburra said...

Well, I guess that is something to be thankful for. Tell me, why are the radiators placed under windows? I reckon that all the heat would go out the window? We use oil filled column heaters when it gets really chilly (comparitavely speaking) and also warm our bath towels over them.

Anonymous said...

I miss me some radiator Soooo bad. I've been nearly killed by two gas heaters since leaving Brooklyn, and still miss the smell/sound. XO Allison

MJ said...

I'm waiting for the temp to drop another degree before they turn it on tonight.

kylie said...

hey leah,
in the middle of winter i give huge thanks for heaters, as well. we did without this past winter and it got pretty dismal and patience sapping at times.

i must say i'm kind of distressed to realise that it is neccessary for you to give thanks for prescription tranquillisers but if thats what it takes i'm just pleased it helps


Leah said...

Megan--I'm definitely in sweater mode. And even better, I'm getting to wear my wardrobe of fingerless gloves! Yay!

Mark--yes, why are they under windows? I've always wondered. And I love to put a towel and nightgown/pjs in the dryer to be ready for when we get out of the shower on a cold night.

Allison--radiators miss you so bad too!! xoxo

MJ--here's keeping fingers crossed for that nice sound coming on soon--

Kylie--no heat last winter? That's very frugal of you! The heating/electric bills can be staggering. And I know, it's a shame about the mother's little helper, but sometimes it can't be

Queen Goob said...

I miss me some radiators, too. The only one I have sits in my car. We do have electric blankets for that one night a year our temperatures hit freezing.