Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ill-Advised Blogging Averted

By popular request...well, Megan's request...I'm editing with some photos. First up, my latest meisterwerk, Carrot Man.

Well Sarge, who possesses more equilibrium and dignity than I do, prevented me from posting another rant about this freaking election. He thought that, like drunk-blogging, anger-blogging is never a good idea. So I won't post what I'm really thinking; for once I'm going to keep it to myself.

Instead, I'm going to post about my knitting. As far from politics as anything could ever be.

I have so many projects going now that my head is spinnnnnnnnning. I must prioritize.

First in the queue, I shall finish the socks for Random Chick. They're almost done, and very pretty. So Random, you and your socks will soon be together.

Next up, a fancy cabled sweater vest for my sissy, in lovely teal wool. It's fairly ambitious, but since it doesn't have arms it's less intimidating. When finished, it will have sterling silver frogs for closures; I rescued them from a sweater of Hedgie's that the moths got to.

Then, an afghan in bulky paprika wool that I promised Sarge's cousin, oh, about a gazillion months ago.

And a quick project which I won't detail here, as it's going to be holiday gifts for assorted peeps.

And a Winter Lace Afghan for a gift for mom.

So, what are you all knitting? Or if not knitting, what craft or art projects are you working on?


CSI Seattle said...

Knitting? I came here for the angry political commentary.

Suzanne said...

Me too!

I'm laughing so hard you have no idea. I'd just arrived from RC's, read your post and was already laughing then CSI made me laugh harder. Damn that's good!

This is just my opinion, I don't think you should discuss what you're going to blog about with hubby. You should simply write! Okay, I'm going to retract that and this is why. If hubby hadn't forbid you to blog angry we wouldn't have the knitting post (I LOVE IT!!!). Hummmmmmmmmmmmm. A dilemma. This is just my opinion. I blog angry all the time (just ask CSI), then delete. Works for me!!! Work for you Brian? *Brian is seen kicking Suzanne's ass clear off the blog, but she's wearing a knitted vest she stole from a basket, so should be fine.*

XO to you both

muralimanohar said...

Ah...the bliss of ignorance. Have I mentioned how *happy* I am to be on the other side of the world right now? :p

I'll just stick with my lil' ol' crafting..which I am way behind on. :p

MJ said...

I’m knitting myself a new uterus.


i practicing some witch-craft right now...

stabs obama voo doo doll with burning stick.

Megan said...

Pictures, I need pictures.

I have so many 'drafts' that will never, ever be posted. In fact, there's a project right there. Time to clean up blogger!

Too Little Time said...

Socks, baby jumper, hat with flaps, and many Christmas gifts that have to be cast on with less than 60 days to go. Ohy Vey!!! :) K

Skeeter said...

Wowsers, definitely gotta vote with Sarge on the "just say no" to drunk-blogging & anger-blogging. Maybe knitting will be the new angry political commentary form. If so, your carrot is an icon, Leah. An icon!

Best wishes,


Mr. Shife said...

I am working on creating a nice bouquetof chest hair for myself. I have been rubbing Rogaine all over my chest like a mad man. Hope your knitting projects continue to go well.

Suzanne said...

Those two guys are nutty. Mr. Shife, chest hair isn't that attractive. Most women like no chest hair. Just so you know.

Skeeter...What? Don't make me come to Oklahoma. Rolls eyes in back of head.