Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Holy of Holies

On this, the eve of the holiest day of the Jewish year, when we come close to God through fasting and prayer, self-denial and self-examination, I leave you with a song, composed by the soulful little boys in Hedgie's second-grade classroom:

I am Barbie,
I have a world of Barbie,
My boobs are plastic,
My butt's elastic,
And I'm fantastic.


just bob said...

Caribou Barbie comes with a personal tanning bed, doesn't read newspapers, can field dress a moose and see Alaska from her front yard.

Bollix said...

What an interesting slant on religion. I've looked through my "Boys Own Book of World Religions," but I cannae seem to find that particular passage anywhere.

Tell me more about the boobs and bum thing..

Anonymous said...


That song is very holy.

Hope you are doing well!


Anonymous said...


Catchy rhyme! Amazing what kids come up with these days!

Thanks for all your support during my trying moments, it's much appreciated.

Peter x

kylie said...

hey there leah,
i've been away a bit and missed your last post so i'm commenting here.
there is always room for one more.ALWAYS.
if you arent sure about a new littlie for all kinds of reasons i understand but let me assure you that you would love another (and another and another) just as much as hedgie
when i found out i was pregnant for the third time i wondered how i would manage, when i found out it was girls i wondered if i could love girls like i loved my boys.
stupid question.
i did
i do
i always will

and peg perego make the most wonderful prams, thats reason enough for a baby :)

Kookaburra said...

Hi Leah,

I agree with what RC and Peter said about that cheeky rhyme :)



*stares off into space*

aaaaahhhh, boobs....

MJ said...

Shouldn't you be in synagogue?

Mr. Shife said...

Ahhh how I remember the days of undressing my sister's Barbies as a young lad. Thanks for helping remember that. And have a good holy of holies.

Leah said...

Bob, but Caribou Barbie shore is purdy!

Hey Mr. B, apparently that's an old pagan incantation...I had no business posting it on this holiest of days...

RC! I'm doing well now that this burdensome holiday is over...and by the way, your socks are half done! Soon, baby, soon!

PETER!!!!!I'm so glad to see you back and with such a cheerful adventure ahead of you!

Hi Kylie, thanks for that comment. It is actually very helpful. xo

Hi Mark, that rhyme is definitely cheeky, lol. I always ask Hedgie whether her teachers hear these goings-on. She tells me that they just try to ignore it...

Hey Zack, not sure Barbie boobs qualify as boobs, but hey, it's the association I guess.

Mistress, I swear I was in temple, fasting and repenting...

Shife, glad I could help. And by the way, I used to undress my own Barbies and stare at their boobs too. Must be universal...

Skeeter said...

Hi Leah! They're brilliant at that age. Such insight :-)

Best wishes,


CSI Seattle said...

Outstanding! Although, I think those may be the lyrics to an Offspring song.

Rima said...

Just reading the quote reminded me of being fascinated with Barbies. I thought they were so cool, so in, so appropriate, so liberating.

Ask me again.

Suzanne said...

Hi honey!!! I love you. I'm okay. Okay? Okay. I guess I should use more nouns, verbs and adjectives! Hey! I'm doin' my best baby. Oh God, you killed me today. Thank you for worrying, for some odd reason it means so much! And thanks for the cell phone number. As I said on my blog I'll start bugging you soon enough.

Love you dear. I posted at the Wild Onion. Cece had a very difficult day and I know would love to hear your beautiful words. So go. Get. Talk to you soon. I'm over on the Macy's sofa. Stop by after you give Cece a hug. Severus is dancing. (Isn't he supposed to be busin' tables or somthin'?)

;) XO

Cecile said...

The Barbie song is great. Another baby is the right thing to do. You should never raise an only child. And happy late anniversary. Thanks for being here for me.
Love you.

Practically Joe said...

Second verse:

I am Ken,
Barbie drives me nuts,
Her boobs I can't touch,
Her butt's not much,
I need a beer.

mrsb said...

Sounds like they've been listening to Aqua's "Barbie Girl", lol! I'm not sure that song is appropriate for 2nd graders ;oP

muralimanohar said...

Lol...have a real flair for words, don't they?? :P

Either that, or they just brutally mangled the Barbie Girl song.