Thursday, December 6, 2007


I've mailed off my ISE packages--one to my pal and one to an angel-ee--and thought I'd post some pics. The first is a zigzag pattern done in jade Tillie Tomas silk:

This is the unblocked scarf. It had a persistent tendency to roll at the edges, nearly into a tube. I'm praying that the aggressive blocking ameliorated this somewhat, because I really did love this scarf...oh, dear...

The second, a surprise for my angel-ee, whose partner dropped out of ISE at the last moment (bah on them!), is shifting sands. I loved this pattern, done up in Schaefer Yarns memorable women series--the Frida Kahlo colorway. I think these are fabulous. I also have a skein of Catherine the Great. I have so many suggestions, though, for colorways: shouldn't there be a Shirley Jackson color? Maybe blacks and greys with a hint of blue? And how 'bout Madeleine Albright? She deserves a "memorable women" yarn named after her. I digress. Here's the scarf:


Too Little Time said...

Absolutely beautiful scarfs and great KUDOS to you for being an angel-ee!!! If you hear about ISE 6 let me know please I had an absolute great time!! and would love to do again.

Good to hear things are progressing with your dissertation - when you hadn't posted in awhile I hoped that was cause you were totally tied up with it - chat soon - Karrie

Jodi said...

Absolutely beautiful, both of them! I haven't seen too many Shifting Sands knit up in highly variegated yarn, and I really like the effect.