Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Winter Solstice

What holidays? I'm Jewish, after all, and Chanukah is over. So I thought, just skim lightly over the holidays. That was my personal resolution. No stockings to fill, no tree to decorate. But in between baking for A's work events and E's school parties, and attending this and that, conceptualizing presents, it is a little more intense than I imagined. Well, so be it.

I have to say that I enjoy the festive feel and the lights everywhere. This is the darkest time of year--there's a reason we all, no matter who we are, try to light a candle against the gloom. And the baking is always fun. It makes me feel capable. The funny thing is, A came home yesterday with the tragic (and embarrassing) tale of how he spilled the entire platter of office Christmas cookies all over the floor. I asked if people were mad, and he said no, they just stood around looking sadly at the ruination of the snacking. So he's requested a big batch of my specialty, molasses ginger crackle cookies (have any of you had these? they're unfailingly glorious) to bring to work on Monday. That's the kind of task I love.

And tonight is the Solstice--my dad always marked it, and now I find it worth marking myself. It's a scientific measure of time and season, but also a little magical. So, Happy Solstice!


In the meantime, I've been working on a gazillion craft projects. I've joined a truly congenial stitch marker swap, and here's what I did for that:

Also, I'm working on really simple garter stitch baby blankets for two extremely preemie twin girls. I decided to go with muted neutral colors in slightly different combinations:

And finally, a new ripple. I was inspired by Faycat's ripple in Knitpicks shine worsted, all the different colors (except black), which I had the chance to admire at a crafting Sunday I had at my house a couple of weeks ago (bagels, lox, knit and crochet projects, and gossip--what could be better?). But my camera wouldn't capture the cheery melange of colors.


Too Little Time said...

Happy Solstice to you too!! You are the sport to remake cookies - I decided to forgo cookies as there is enough crisco in this can... Love the stitch markers - where do you find all these cool exchanges? I loved the ISE 5 that you hooked me up with! would love to do more.

Your crafting night sounds like a blast!! I belong to a couple of groups here that meet once a month but they're all older people (retired). Would love to gather with some my own age... someday I guess I'll be that age and then it won't matter - :) - Happy Holidays - chat soon - karrie

Anonymous said...

Happy December, Leah!!!!! I have only just read the blog with the blanket. It looks lovely thus far. the colours are ideal for very young baby....they don't need brightness. well done on the markers, glorious colours. did you make the cookies for Alex. my husband would've been sent shopping. not that I can't bake, but he should be the one to make up for his disasters
good 2008>>>>>Enid

Megan said...

I was right there with ya with the festivality (my new word?) I completely decorated a little tree (garland of red buttons!) and got wholehearedly into preparing a feast. But cheerily refused to go to church. I figure that the food, presents, and indoor-tree aspects of the whole thing are the pagan parts and thus acceptable for a heathen like me. Oh what would Philip Pullman say?? Does he get a stocking full of oranges and good novels? And a flaming pudding at the end of the day?

Leah said...

Hi Enid, I did make the cookies and even packed them in loving little neurotic rows--but I'm a sucker for trying to right other people's mess-ups! Happy 2008 to you--

And Megan--Mr. Pullman may stay home from church, but I bet he eats his roast goose quite enthusiastically!