Tuesday, December 4, 2007

S-s-sooooo C-c-cooooold

I'm freezing. A bitter wind is howling outside my window, rattling the skylight, blowing the last leaves off the trees. Very atmospheric, but oh so chilly. The coffee at my side is already cool. In response I've taken up the following: 1. drinking tea (unusual for me, but I've discovered hot ginger tea with sugar), 2. knitting myriad fingerless gloves out of warm wools, 3. catalogue shopping for flannel lined jeans, fleece p.j.s and parkas, none of which I especially like but all of which seem the epitome of warmth, 3. wearing my late father-in-law's slippers, and 4. wearing my ISE5 scarf around the house. Why is it so bloody cold in here? I hear the radiators groaning. Where's the heat?

I'm also working out my dissertation methodology. There's not enough caffeine in the world for this task.

p.s. this is fun:

You'd better get 100% or you'll have to answer to me and the spelling gods!

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Too Little Time said...

I HATE being cold!! It helped when we put in the wood burner a couple of years ago, but I still have to go out and still have to visit other parts of the house. At least I don't spend every evening in the bathtub anymore. I do wear a shaw around the house and raely take my scarf off after my coat. The joys of Winter huh?