Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Little Love

I've been just sort of sitting here in Brooklyn (well, not literally but figuratively) trying to chase away the weeping woohoos--and it's come to my attention that others are doing the same thing in their corners of the world.

I'm going to try to post something that makes me happy every day for awhile, beginning with a little giveaway--

I've knitted up some small cotton dishrags to give away to anyone who wants one; I've got seven, so the first seven people who ask for one can have one (if there are seven who do). They are very nice and sturdy, and I like them better than sponges, and they do their lil tiny part for the environment, I suppose.

Here they are:

My other nice thing for today is Hedgehog, rocking out on her bass:

I leave you with some hugs and smooches--

Don't forget to tell me in the comments if you want a dish rag, and if you don't you can say hi anyway and get a virtual squeeze!

xo Leah

P.S.: for anyone who would like a little dish cloth, just don't forget to send me your address info. Email me at


Brian Miller said...

nice how long has hedgie been playing bass? virtual hugs. happy sunday.

hows the "fasting" going?

otin said...

I hate to hear that you have the blahs :( I wish that there was something that I could do.

mapstew said...

Hey you, I would be honoured to own one of your handmade dishrags! (Though they look like works of beauty to me!). And as for female bass players, my eldest is the rockest! keep it up Hedgie, Suzie Quatro has a lot to answer for! :¬)

The Unbearable Banishment said...

I am quite happy to see that the Hedgehog plays a bass. It's healthy. I have a piano sitting in the corner underplayed that I hope either (or both!) daughters take up.

Map: The first rock concert I went to as a young gun was Suzie Quatro opening for Alice Cooper. 48 Crash!

Karen ^..^ said...

Oooh, me! I'd love a dishcloth!!!

You are an absolute PEACH!!!

The picture of Hedgie is gorgeous. She looks like a natural with a guitar! Adorable.

Pearl said...

I would like a dish rag, please!

If you contact me, I'll give you my address. :-)


savannah said...

y'all bring a smile, sugar! i would be honored to receive one! xoxo

p.s. hedgie is adorable!

Gig said...

Hedgie is beautiful like her Mom!!

This house is in need of a beautiful Leah dish rag....

Megan said...

Throw one in the package with the scarf? But not if there are seven others who ask for one - because it would be best to spread the Leah-love as far afield as possible!

And now I'm going to go stand out on my little balcony, face the East, and blow you a kiss!!!

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Hi Leah,

I just wanted to say, "Thank you". You have a wonderful gift that encourages others.


kylie said...

i wonder if there is something in the air. i've been weepy all day.
i wont ask for a dishcloth, since i am already privileged to have two

gemma said...

Hey Ms Leah & Hedgehog and Sarge,
best and sunniest Aussie wishes for you all, and a virtual hug.
giving away knitted dish cloths is a lovely thing to do.

nick said...

Hedgie looks real cool, like her band has been gigging round the world for years. Have I missed her last album, lol?

Leah said...

Brian: yesterday was her first "lesson"; she was very mad at me for taking photos, but I couldn't resist.

The wallet fast is going really well--I am tempted by little things all the time, but have been able to resist. It is wonderful to have so much more money at the end of the week, not to mention I just feel better inside.

otin: thank you sweetie! The blahs seem to be running roughshod over people lately...

map: aren't our daughters cool? And I will be delighted to send you a little dish cloth--just pop me your address at my email--

UB: it just seems important to have a funky instrument alongside your classical one (cello in her case)--I never did, and I think I missed out...

Karen: I will absolutely send one your way!

Pearl: and one for you too!

sav: one for you too! and a virtual squeeze.

Gig: aw, thanks! I will send you one of the dish cloths too!

Megan: of course, why not? Truth be told, these little guys are quite small and only take me a little while to whip up.

U: thank you sweetie--and from what I've seen around these parts, we all have our own special gifts and ways of helping and bolstering each always have a way of lifting spirits!

Kylie: I'm sorry you're weepy, me too! I honestly can't figure it out. Yeh, I guess it might just be in the air...

Gemma: thank you so much! what a lovely comment.

nick: she does look cool, doesn't she? kinda laid back, just grooving along...

Scarlet-Blue said...

Too late for a dish cloth?

MJ said...

I'm still excited over my amigurumi!

Leah said...

Scarlet: not too late! anyway, I can always make more. Shoot me your address at and I'll have one over the pond to you!

MJ: I'm excited about it too. I've started.

Too Little Time said...

Sorry you have the blues -- here blue sunny skies would probably help as we have the "grays" :) Female bass player is quite the thing -- my Lis is a female bass player and she gets lots of extra attention because of it. :) Karrie

Jimmy Bastard said...

You're always doing something for others.. Is there no end to your good nature?

Baino said...

I think it's a world wide change of season phenomenon. . as a friend said to me on the weekend, 'we're all feeling a little broody!" Look at it this way, things can only get better and your little bass player is gorgeous.

Suzanne said...

I know I'm too late. My computer was out of commission the past 48 hours. Heggies's so beautiful in purple!!! I missed, didn't I. I know. Hangs head.

Leah said...

Karrie: I'll take some blue skies! and girl bass players are pretty cool.

Jimmy: you really are a sweet man. Yet, there is most definitely an end to my good nature...not too far beneath the surface lurks a little demon.

Baino: oh, broody is such a great word! It is perfect for what I'm feeling.

Suzy: I'll tuck one in with your hat. Which I will eventually send--it takes me awhile, but I'm good for it.

merelyme said...


(Dish cloth seen not to scale) My homemade goodie to brighten YOUR day. You are the best. Hugs and clean dishes to you.

merelyme said...

It looked cool on my screen and stupid here...sorry.

Leah said...

I like your dish cloth!