Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Number of Unimportant Things about Me

So I was tagged by Marianna and Candie to list "6 Unimportant Things about Me." As I was tagged twice, I will list 12 things. Anyone who's been here more than twice knows that 1. I love to talk about myself and 2. I love lists.

1. I find grumpy, misanthropic, churlish animals to be hilarious. Note the hostile grizzly bear above. He's old, he's furious, he's sick of his vegetables, and he wants to eat you up. I love him.

2. I'm one of those weird grown-up ladies who loves dolls. I have an enormous Barbie collection, now housed sensibly in storage boxes and Hedgie's room, but let's be frank: I'm the one who bought them all. For myself. Hey, if Sarge tolerates it, so can you.

3. I hate overhead lighting. I like to be lamplit.

4. I enjoy the very worst sitcoms ever made. We're talking "Full House" level. Sarge is incredulous. He says they're not only soulless, but actually soul-sucking. I say, soullessness can be restful, as it requires no emotional effort.

5. When I took art classes in college I discovered a talent for mixing paint colors. Not for painting, you understand, but for mixing the colors.

6. I am a yarn snob, a coffee snob, an intellectual snob...but not a food snob.

7. I love science fiction as a genre. I've never understood the stigma against it.

8. I can honestly say I'm not that interested in celebrities.

9. I am shocked, amazed, that people in NYC seem to have forgotten about this. As a result of this complacency, the city is returning, slowly, to its former early-90s crappy state. But with still-inflated real-estate prices

10. I actually learned something in Gradual School.

11. I was a strict vegetarian for many, many years. Tuna salad was the siren song that called me back to meat-y reality.

12. I love to play video games.

Edited: I tag anyone who wants to play along!


MJ said...

This is all rather shocking.

I shall have to take the day off, lie down with a cold compress, and rethink everything I thought I knew about you.

Auntie, aka Dog Girl said...

Hey Girl,
Everytime I see that MJ image, I get the creeps...one day I will get the courage to visit his/her blog!
BTW, yippeeeee! So you love Barbie dolls?
Me too!
Mine are so OLD that one of them has GRAY HAIR. Really! It turned gray.

Leah said...

MJ--the Barbies? Full House? the video games? I know, I know, shocking.

Auntie--MJ is all lady! She is truly one of the least creepy people in the blogosphere. She herself might beg to differ, but I swear it's true.

nick said...

Not interested in celebrities? I'll second that. What's the big deal about fame? Many unknowns have ten times the talent of some of those ubiquitous celebs.

Ah yes, the broken windows syndrome. Absolutely true. A shame nobody applies it to graffiti. You get a few scrawls on a wall and bit by bit the whole neighbourhood gets covered in the stuff.

savannah said...

video games?

you?i sweaar, sugar, i will faint dead away if y'all tell me y'all have a playstation!xoxoxoxo

(thank the lord, i have a g&t in mah hand rat now!)

Brian Miller said...

interesting it was tuna fish that brought you back. so what kind of video games? love a good coffee as well...bold and black all the way.

Leah said...

Nick--Broken Windows policy was actually applied to the graffiti problem in NYC to great effect--especially on the subways--now, alas, graffiti is back. In fact, that's the thing that got me worried initially. It's amazingly viral.

savannah--A Gamecube, an X-Box and not one but two Gameboys!!!! And my MacBook is loaded with about a gazillion games!

I know, I know...

this is like the most confessional post I've ever done.

Brian--yay for strong coffee! My husband gave me Fallout 3 for my birthday, but he's taken it over. It looks incredible, and I can't wait to try it. Besides that, I really like those girly match 3 games, and games like old-school Tetris.

Ronda Laveen said...

Stigma against Sci-fi? Who knew? Nobody ever tells me anything. You mean all my Heinlein books are fire fodder:( Not a chance!

Tuna fish? I just saw that something about that on my morning rounds. Oh, yeah. Megan's post had tuna in it. Do you think she was picking up part of your post in her dream state? Hmmmmm

Emerson Marks said...

I am a pen snob.

Karen ^..^ said...

As for #8... What about dear Severus? Or is that interest in a fictional fantasy character, and not interest in Mr. Rickman himself?

can anyone do this? I like to talk about myself too, LOL.

Leah said...

Ronda--we LOVE Heinlein over here at Chez Weatherinthestreets! Believe it or not, I think a lot of people think sci fi is weird. Or stupid. Or "lesser" fiction. Or something. It drives me nuts.

Emerson--well, I can certainly understand that sort of snobbery!

Karen--please, by all means play along! I forgot to tag anyone, so excited was I by my list!

Marianna said...

Hey there!

I am with you 100% on the sitcoms and science fiction. I always say that TV is meant to be mind numbing (when you want it to be:) oh and x-files was one of my favorite series lol

Thank you for playing along :)

Jimmy Bastard said...

I have empathy with the bear! Right now I could stick a few carrots right up the tax mans a...!

Leah said...

Karen--I forgot to answer your Severus question. Interesting...hm...I guess my crush is much more on the fictional character, and I wouldn't classify him as a celebrity really...although I do love Alan Rickman...am not too interested in knowing anything about his private life though. Just in looking at him and listening to his peanut-buttery voice...

Exceptions to every rule, right?

Baino said...

Ok I envy your ability to play video games. I just can't master the controller and wii is just a cop out for people who can't master a controller! Oh I'm a food snob . .totally!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever alter your Barbies?

Megan said...

So funny about the tuna...

I like board games more than video games but I do looooove Rock Band with a passion. Makes me believe I could really learn to drum if I put my mind to it!

Science Fiction kicks ass.

Nice list, Brooklyn!

PI said...

I have spent many a happy hour playing with my grand- daughter's Barbie dolls.
Re #3 I will always try to sit with my back to the window for obvious reasons.
Re#10 Is 'Gradual School' a typo? If so I love it:)

kylie said...

hi leah
apart from everything else i'm blown away by the fact you can think of things to say about yourself

well done

Ronda Laveen said...

Those that think Sci-Fi is lesser fiction have never read Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land or Asimov or Clarke or Bradbury or Neil Gaiman or Frank Miller. Fiction snobs.

Candie Bracci said...

LOL,you did it twice!cool.Nice stuff!
I love that bear too!lol
And it reminded me myself when you said you used to be a vegetarian for many years and then..lol.I was too but I love shellfish,they brought me back in.But I do eat fish and shellfish but no meat at all.So what am I?lol.But never been a vegan,I love cheese too much.

Have a nice day

merelyme said...

Twelve?! Only twelve? Keep going!!

Sarah said...

I am in desperate need of lamps (despite being surrounded by lights all day long) and good strong coffee (I need to find out if they'll ship me that fabulous Sumatran you bought me last year).

I love finding out all the fun little facts... And realized I never filled out a post for the last random fact post where you tagged me.

Hope all is well and hedgie doesn't stress too much about college just yet... That story was too cute!

Madame DeFarge said...

Let's not forget about the joy of signal crimes too, just in case we forget to notice the broken windows. (my MSc is in Criminology and Criminal Justice, habit is hard to break)

Leah said...

Marianna--LOVE X-Files. Just watched one of the older ones and remembered how really great it was...so noire, so fab.

Jimmy--yesterday I felt just zackly like that grumpy old bear. But my taxes are done, it was more to do with bills...

Baino--better if you don't play video games. If you think interwebs is a time waster (well, that's debatable), video games are the devil's own handiwork!! ; )

mago--of course. Cut their hair, cause Barbie hair grows back, doesn't it?

Megan--it was funny about the tuna. But then, I think about tuna quite a bit...we love board games too. Hedgie just got Egyptology for her birthday, and it's really really fun what with the little hats and the alchemists and all...and I've always wanted to try rock band.

PI--Barbies Rule! haha. No, it's true. "Gradual School" wasn't a typo--it's so true, isn't it? I love calling it that.

Kylie--that's what comes from me being such a solipsistic narcissist.

Candie--I could never, ever ever ever give up cheese. It's my favorite food!

Ronda--hear hear! We also adore Lem, William Tenn, and Cordwainer Smith. But I could go on and on and on...

merelyme--uh oh, I'd better not. But you can check out 100 Things about Me in my side bar for the ultimate Leah self-centered experience! ; )

Sarah--you should post some things about you when you get a chance, I love reading that too! Although with your schedule as it is...

You know, I'd be delighted to send you some of that Sumatran as a little housewarming gift--if you email me your address, will do so pronto! A girl shouldn't ever be without good coffee...Also, the Sumatran at Trader Joe's isn't half bad, it'll do in a pinch...but the other is still my fave coffee!

Mme. DeF.--how interesting to know that about you, my fellow Crimmy! (I just came up with that now, do you think it works, or is it too weird?!)