Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jon Favreau: Pete Townshend to Barack Obama's Roger Daltrey

Abraham Lincoln's 1861 Inaugural Address

Or as Sarge said, more like "Jon Favreau: Cole Porter to Barack Obama's Mel Torme."

To be a bit less opaque, why can't these presidents write their own speeches, like Churchill, or me for my Bat Mitzvah? What ever happened to good old-fashioned homiletics? I would love to hear an inaugural address written by the man himself. Why cannot he speak for himself? He's obviously capable, and I for one would rather hear something he labored over in his spare moments than a speech from the mind of a souped-up adolescent wordsmith-for-hire. Did Lincoln have a speech-writer? (okay, I Googled it just to be sure, and no he did not)

Come on Obama, I want to hear you in your own words! You're not someone's puppet! Let's call for genuine speeches people!!!!

*learns second lesson of blogging the hard way: 2. never make pronouncements like "I'm taking a blogging break to be more studious" or you're gonna embarrass yourself dude. (#1 is never blog angry/drunk/non compos mentis or otherwise compromised of sense and reason)*


Queen Goob said...

I will plead the fifth.


Suzanne said...

And I'll have a fifth of scotch. Oh right, I don't drink that crap. Instead I'll just sit here and listen to Queen Goob because you know she plead the fifth, but then talked, so I'm waiting for the next words to flow from her mouth so I can shake her by the shoulders and say "Queenie, you can't plead the Fifth and then talk." That's the rule. I don't care how pretty you are or how lovely you look in satin...THAT'S THE F*&#ing RULE!!! (

I want this blog to record I wrote this speech myself and am damn proud. I would also like it to be recorded Barack should write his own damn speeches, dammit.

You know, he's actually a very responsive guy, so let's email and tell him what we think. Bet you a million bucks he'll read it!


Karen ^..^ said...

LMAO!!! I'm glad you're back. I love your rants.

If I may offer a differing opinion:

I love Jon Favreau, and think that he will go down in history like Francis Scott Key.

I loved the speech, and am glad Obama had him write it. I think he was busy enough doing president elect stuff, and left the speech writing to the professionals. I mean, yes, Obama's a great writer, but I love the speech writer's speeches.

Megan said...

I get your point but like Karen, I'm not really all that bothered. It's part of the way it's done these days.

I doubt the guy has had much time to sit down and write out a speech. It's not like it takes four days to get to the next stop, you know? He's there in an hour!