Friday, January 9, 2009

A Few Rejected Ideas for Posts

1. Incest?

These two people are some old once-or-twice removed cousins of mine. They are brother and sister. They were very weird, so I'm told. Does this look like an appropriate pose between siblings, or am I the weird one for thinking it's weird?

2. My Birthday Cake

My birthday cake was rich chocolate mousse with dark chocolate flowers all round its top. I bought it and even had them write "Happy Birthday Leah" on top. Then we brought it home and immediately cut it up. I couldn't stop eating it today, and it's nearly demolished. I feel a great deal of remorse.

3. I've Lost My Coffee Mojo

I'm a coffee snob. I need it strong and tasty, or not at all. I scorn and actually revile people who try to serve me weak coffee, whether it's the guy at the breakfast cart outside Hedgie's school, or my mother. Last week I had lunch with a dear old friend. After lunch, she offered us tea, saying "I don't know how to make coffee." I think she put a voodoo conjuration or malediction on me, because ever since then I can't make a good pot of coffee. How am I going to get my mojo back?

4. Roses

My cleaning lady brought me four red roses for my birthday. For some reason, I felt a need to hide the dozen red roses Sarge had gotten me. Why? I didn't want her to feel redundant. I guess.

5. Doctor Morbius: Is He My New Severus Snape?

Well, is he?

6. courtesy of Sarge Which Female Anime Character Does My Husband Have a Crush On?

7. The Gaza Problem: Should I Say What I Think?

No. Absolutely not. I don't want to hear any comments on this topic. For a Jew to post on this, it's like posting a photo of yourself and asking readers to tell you whether or not you look fat.

8. "Milk" the movie

A post specifically for bitching: I hate the very idea of this movie. There's a wonderful documentary on Milk, and when they make a movie like this with an actor, people tend to get confused and superimpose the real guy on the crappy actor, elevating the actor to a status way above his actual existence, and further emphasizing our loathsome Hollywood worship problem. Milk was worthwhile; Sean Penn is worthless.

So...which is the worst of these none-too-appealing topics?...No don't answer that...


kylie said...

hey leah,
definitely a weird brother / sister pose.

cake sounds fantastic

until i realised you couldnt make coffee i thought you couldnt drink it. i thought you were prgnant

i would have hidden the roses for the same reason

i have no idea about anime characters or doctors morbius but snape has probably had his run

and please do tell us about gaza.unless it would be dangerous to do so. or tell me at least. i cant figure out that whole scenario and your thoughts might illuminate me somewhat.

these were all great ideas but if i were to pick one i'd say write about incest


Leah said...

Not pregnant yet. Actually, haven't even started "trying." And that I'm sure is TMI!!!!

I truly can't comment on the Gaza situation, it makes me feel way too vulnerable, but suffice it to say I'm pro-Israel...

Cake was fantastic! There's like one teensy weensy bit left, the size of a baby's thumb!

You know, maybe I will write about incest. But what I'm not sure. It's so dramatic, eh?

Actually I thought these were crappy topics but maybe I'll have to rethink it. They're sounding better since I read your response...

afexion8 said...

The photo is lovely in every way, but if they are siblings, then it is just....creepy. And I don't think they "lost a bet" or a "dare" to do the photo, they look way too comfortable. And is Mom or Dad snapping the photo????

Gaza and Israel. Nope, I can't go there, even figuratively. Too much hate. Is there any chance that any good will come of this?

The chocolate cake sounds wonderful, have NO remorse, and plan for another one NEXT week!

Can't help with the coffee mojo. We have a one cup maker, so each person prepares their essence of life exactly as it should be. (There's a double meaning in that!)

I cannot imagine a worthy substitute to fuel my lengthy detailed adventures, interspersed with heated emotional maelstroms. So at this point in time I imagine I will continue this relationship indefinitely and fulfill my imagined "unbreakable bond" with Severus.

Of course, there have been others BEFORE him, but I've been feeling pretty monogamously obsessed of late. We still have so many tales yet to complete!

Leah said...

a8: am in complete agreement--no substitutes for the Potions Master. Morbius was merely an idle musing!!!

hnter1018 said...

so who does sarge have a crush on?

hnter1018 said...

and as far as coffee goes. When I was in the Dominican Republic by far the best coffee. When they have to fill your cup half way with coffee and halfway with milk....YUM!!!! I could live down there just for the coffee. I have a woman from my work going down there and she is bringing some back for me. Maybe I'll have her bring you a bag Leah.

I now drink cafe de brasil in the meantime

just bob said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
It was nice of the cleaner
to not forget about you.

Good luck with the coffee thing. I'd be traumatized if my morning java wasn't the way I wanted it.

Old Knudsen said...

The first picture you can just see his boner or he should have one, if yer sister was that hot I do not see any problem with incest.
Happy Birthday do 'you' people celebrate birthdays? see I said it 'you' people. I am shocked that you are pro-Israel.
I don't think that Israel should have been made there, all British Zionist ideas about the second coming but the fact is that they are there and not provoking others with missiles and wiping out talk so I support them, tough bastards quite trigger happy. Oh and a bit nuts.
Live in the now not in the past.
Coffee is disgusting, God drank tea.
Anime is cartoons I think Sarge has bigger problems, has he ever sported wood for bugs bunny dressed as a gurl?

Have some cake yer married you have earned the right to let yerself go.

Brandy Rose said...

My favorite "should have posted" posts: The b-day cake, we would have liked a picture to torture us lol. And which female anime character does your husband have a crush on, we could have had fun with that one.

Queen Goob said...

WHAT?!?!? No good coffee??? That's not just aweful, that's worthy of an evening of prayer!

And I think Sarge is hot for Taarna from the movie Heavy Metal.

Megan said...

Is it a schoolgirl? Because they all pretty much look like schoolgirls.

Is there a schoolgirl outfit hidden in your closet somewhere? Hm???

MJ said...

Did somebody mention CAKE?

Maria said...

Some excellent ideas for a blog. I especially like the incest one because, man....this one just begs to be addressed with that picture that looks so wonderful until you know the circumstances. It is like the photo a friend showed me once of her father in law with his arms sweetly around a young teenager. I said, "I didn't know you had a sister in law." She replied, "No, that is this mail bride from some obscure country that he purchased." The girl looked about 14. After that the photo suddenly looked very sinister to me.

And hey...I liked Milk. And I am ALL for the movie if only because more people will see it than a documentary and we need to get the word out there on this guy.

I have bought my own cake before. Mainly because I knew that my partner would purchase something healthy and hell....on my birthday, I deserve red velvet cake, not some multi grain muffins.

Maria said...

Oh...and I am with you on coffee. If it can't hold a spoon upright, it isn't worth drinking. It is for this reason that I adore cuban coffee.

Leah said...

Maria: unbelievable story about the teen mail order bride--I got a cold chill up my neck, ech.

Also, I agree with you about "Milk"--of course stories need to be told--I guess I am just constantly amazed at how we (well, not we) deify stars, but not worthy, complex people.

Red velvet cake, YES!

MJ: for the third day in a row I had impure relations with a cake, this time a Panettone I had for my second birthday party!!!

Walker said...

Did they know they were brother sister?
Cake never lasts long enough especially when its yours.

Practically Joe said...

Let's make them appealing
Send the brother and sister out for coffee, cake, and milk ... trade the roses for guns in the Gaza ... and find Sarge some new interests.
There ... I covered them all!

muralimanohar said...

Am I a little behind the times? What can I's been a hellish week. :p

That pic is...weird. Even making allowances for "normal" being different back then, that is still a pretty cozy relationship.

(For start training your dd up now...mine is ALMOST there! :p Of course, you have to put up with some pretty vile dishwater in the meantime..)

And okay..I need a linky to Dr Morbius before I can make an educated judgment. I mean, Snape is quite a bar to reach, dude. (No comment on the anime chicks. Quite a few of those tramps have no morals and zero shame. No wonder your dh has a crush on one of them.)

Effortlessly Average said...

"I need it strong and tasty, or not at all."

Strange, I say the same thing about the women I date.