Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who Am I?

Well, who knows really. But I've decided that I need a new forum for some of my more, er, NC-17 musings. This is what happens to housewives. Just kidding. Anyone who stops by here is certainly welcome to check my other blog, but also more than welcome not to, as it may not be your style. I'm happy to just ramble on to myself on this other one.

Anyway, here it is if you like. I'll have a post up soon. If not, I'll have a post up here too.



CSI Seattle said...

Oh no, not another one. Housewife sits at home. Realizes that Google Ads just aren't bringing in the money liked she hoped.

Here comes another porn site....

Anonymous said...

ooh! I can't wait to see some NC-17 stuff. Thanks for your kudos... As the (ex-) toughest bitch in the Bering Sea, I highly recommend realizing your life goal of seeing the Auroras up there. Epic!

Suzanne said...

Two questions:

1)Honey, is that you in the photo?

2)Does that green sweater have a hole in it or is that bird crap on your shoulder?

And you call yourself a housewife. I know a housewife, and she can mend AND do laundry. Even if she couldn't she'd sure as hell be able to smell a lump of poop that big on her shoulder, or have the ability to CSI a hole that size before shopping in the public square. Jeeeeeeezzzzzzz. You might want to straighten out your wardrobe before you go invitin' guests to this here new "venue" (aka porn site...).

Well, I'm waiting. Say anything with the word naked in it and the next thing you know...

STAMPEDE!!!!!!!!! Yup, I expect this place to light up like a Christmas tree.

Have a blast and good luck dear friend.

Leah said...

Miss S, you are so frakkin' funny I'm giggling. That is me, a few years ago, I wasn't a housewife yet and I liked to wear at least one piece of clothing in shall we say less than perfect condition, everyday. The dress under that sweater was a pristine white sundress. I loved that sweater to death, and it had a gigantic hole not bird crap (LOL). I wore it till the hole had stretched over both shoulders--it was like a halter dress at that point. Then I threw it out. I still mourn it.

Shelaghayan, glad you stopped by! That northern lights goal is among my top few. Having viewed them from a dock in the Adirondacks, where they are sometimes pretty awesome, I can only imagine the phantasmagoria of seeing them NORTH north.

CSI, this bored housewife just needs to set up her Paypal account, and she'll be up and running, LOL!

Cecile said...

You know everyone likes a little porn. I've said it once and I'll say it again. Everyone likes a little porn.

Leah said...

well, maybe not porn, just my idle musings...

Suzanne said...

You're killin' me! And honey, you need a comma between "hole and not bird crap. And Shelaghayan had the balls to tell me I don't know how to write. Bitch! Here I don't write, I just have fun!!! (Well basicially I'm on my own because Rob won't edit, no time...bum.)

Thanks honey. I LOVE that photo. And I'll tell you a funny story. I hate shopping. I think most of my sisters do (just gives us a headache), so we usually dress in a white tee-shirt, blue jeans and clogs/flip-flops (I've had to give up clogs because my footie-doctor insisted...also flip~flops, but I revolted), and I wear each and every one till they/it literally fall(s) off my body. Why? I don't know? It's cozy and safe and did I mention I wear them every day? Yup, so that's how I can detect a hole or bird shit because...well...I know! I've been in that market pickin' out taters with the same sweater, just like you. Except mine was white with blue trim. I cried the day I had to retire her. Obviously I'm a lazy dresser. I hear ya sista! Oh, and I don't wear makeup either!!!

Love you to death and thanks for being a big fan today. You made me laugh so hard.


Suzanne said...
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Anonymous said...


Who are you? I think, perhaps, you shall be called 'Gertie' - and seeing as you're starting a new porn site (yes,Cece, everyone likes a little bit of porn - but only a little bit), I think you shall be called 'Flirty Gertie'. And seeing as you had a huge hole in your sweater, which I'm going to called it a shirt, for obvious reasons (and which Suze most kindly pointed out), you shall henceforth be known as 'Flirty Gertie with the holey shirty'.

That's who you are :-)

Peter x

kylie said...

peej, thats why i adore you...too funny!

i think they've said it all!
have a wonderful weekend

Leah said...

Flirty Gertie! I just cannot tell you how apt that is. Not to mention funny.


(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

Crap, I have to get caught up...I've been enjoying the summer and not reading you have two.

xo, ckg