Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Spot of Cheer

What does a lady do when she is sick a-bed but must hold court for a lively 7-year-old? Well, we are inhabiting our very own Land of Counterpane. And this amazing discovery is helping us wile away the long coughing hours. I encourage you to visit The Toymaker for her lovely, lovely printable paper whimsies (a "sun box" with a little window through which you can glimpse a frolicking teddy bear, and a set of fairy furniture, among other things) suitable for children and other people who adore such things (me). Don't forget to check out the amazing otter paper dolls, complete with a colorful and elaborate Seahorse Carousel to print out and build...


faycat said...

Are you sick, too? I am just now getting over a 2+ week cough, it has been miserable.

Suzanne said...

Something to cheer you. Go to Just Bob's blog. You'll laugh your ass off. I want to see you do that with double entendre.

Get well sweet princess, cuz I'm still waiting at the Hilton. Good Lord you're late! ("Heggie, come pick up Aunt Suzie, cuz you're Mom's abandoned me here and I'm starting to melt.")


Cecile said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon. At least you are getting a request to make an ice cream sundae and pancakes at 10 pm by two soon to be seven year olds. Where's the Calgon when you need it.

Suzanne said...

Wow. I went to the Toy Maker. As an artist and illustrator I was literally blown away. I think I looked at everything. If I missed something, please let me know. I have so many new ideas. Thanks for this. Absolutely amazing.


kylie said...

sorry you're feeling yukky
i hope it gets better soon

Leah said...

Hi Faycat--it's awful, isn't it? I hate summer colds. And the cough sucks. Glad to hear you're getting better!

Suzanne--I just knew you especially would like that website. It's lovely, isn't it? And I just love her whole philosophy, of sharing her art like that. She actually encourages you to print it out and give it as gifts.

Cecile--I laughed so much at your comment, because just last night Hedgehog said, at 10 p.m., "I'm hungry, hot, and hard to deal with." Now, the question is, did you make them their request?

Hi Kylie!!! Thanks--I am feeling a bit better today.


Suzanne said...

Hi baby. Thanks for the wonderful compliment. I love you. You might want to visit Random Chick's blog for a whole lotta fun. She's having a "bitching festival," and God is it an amazing release.

Love you honey. Feel better soon.


P.S. Heggie, I'm still standing in front of the Hilton. Did you get lost? Where are you honey, in N.J.? Heggie, if you're going to drive, you have to learn how to read a map. That's the rule. I'm melting. **Eyes roll back in head..."kids."**

Cecile said...

Yes, I was a short order cook because they would have whinned and pouted until I either killed them or slit my own throat to shut them up. Sometimes it is just easier to give in. One must pick one's battles.

Suzanne said...

Hey baby, if you're still up and you're probably not, Random Chick is having the most fun "Bitchfest" on earth. You'd love it if you're awake and feeling okay. If not, don't worry. I think it might be an annual event.

By the way. I'm still at the Hilton in Manhattan. Neither Heggie or Hubby have showed up to claim me. I'm really going to have to get a refund. I am NOT amused.

Gig said...

I hope you are feeling better real soon.

Kids do say the darndest things don't they! They always amaze me with what they come up with...just have to love em...

Take care of yourself.