Friday, June 27, 2008


I love hearing the sweet sound of Sgt. Pepper reading to Hedgehog at night. I know she's happy and he's happy and I get a nice knitting break. We have an upside-down apartment--bedrooms on the first floor, kitchen, dining, living on the second--and Sarge's voice rumbles up the stairs; I can't hear what he's saying, just the bass of it, and Hedgie's little piping tones.

They just finished "The Hobbit," which Hedgie is raving about. She loves the riddles with which Gollum and Bilbo challenge each other--if you're familiar with the book--if not, they're still wonderful--Hedgie wrote them out and posted them on our fridge:

Just so she wouldn't forget.


kylie said...

the image of you knitting and sarge & hedgie reading good books together is just so lovely. it's fantastic that hedgie likes to read .....she really has no choice but to become someone wonderful :)
blessings to you all

Cecile said...

I just cannot get over how smart Hedgie is. She is so much more mature than the animals that I call my boys. But I love my animals. All of them.

Anonymous said...

How cute to put them on the fridge so that she remembers them!

I wonder how long it will be before something else replaces them on there!?!

Hope you're well,
Take care

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

This child is charmed. It is lovely.

Too Little Time said...

Very cool - K

Suzanne said...

Hedgie's too smart. She puts me to shame. I tried reading the Hobbit when I arrived at college (recreational reading) and gave up after the first chapter. Why? Because I found all the names I'd have to memorize too confusing. Embarrassing to admit, but true. I'm worse at riddles, but I never give up! I covered Hedgie's answer to each and read the riddle, determined to answer correctly. Of course I'm laughing! Nope, didn't get one right. Not even close. Hummmmmmmm. But please note that I love the art in the post(gorgeous) and I love Harry Potter. That should count for something. Right?

I also love the image of you knitting while dad and daughter read together. Absolutely beautiful. The only thing missing is a fireplace all aglow, Santa on the roof, a Christmas tree, carols playing in the background, a kitty on your lap, some hot chocolate and really good cookies. Whoops, wrong house!

I love you and this is a terrific post. You have an amazing family. Speaking of which, I think I know what to send Heggie next spring. A butterfly bush! I was watering parts of the garden the other day and mine are all in bloom and stunning. I smiled and thought of you, the Adirondacks and Heggie. My sister has them in her NY garden and they're beautiful, so I know Heggie with find success. The bonus for Heggie is that they actually attract butterflies. They're very magical and she'll appreciate one in her garden. What do you think? I'm going to take a cutting in the next few days and get her new plant ready for the big trip. I could easily send her a gift certificate to use at the local nursery, but I want her to have a piece of this garden. One thing I treasure about gardeners is the way they share. She'll learn a valuable lesson as a new gardener. It's so exciting!

Love you honey. Hope all is well. If you have time, visit Cece's blog because she wrote an awesome post.

XO Suze

Suzanne said...

Miss L,

Do you think I will every be able to write in 20 words or less? I just looked at everyone elses response and started to laugh. How do they do that?

Miss S XO

Leah said...

Hi you guys! I'm upstate and still working out the internet thing, but I read and loved everyone's comments. I'll be back around pretty soon, if not sooner--

xoxo Leah

Suzanne said...

Miss L, please go to the Wild Onion. You'll laugh your ass off.

Suzanne said...

Hedgie, Aunt Suzie screwed up big time. Somehow I got the Hobbit mixed up with Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. That first chapter was tough! Trust me.