Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Trees are in Leaf

It happened so suddenly! I mean, not suddenly at all--I watched closely as the knobs showed themselves, and the buds, and the flowers burst, and the pollen drifted, and the little green baby leaves appeared...and then suddenly yesterday, after a really fierce windstorm left foliage and debris all over our street, I looked around and all the trees were thick with their summer finery.

And I am in a literal storm of projects. They consume my every waking thought, and all my spare moments. I have become completely obsessed with yarn. I mean, obviously I'm obsessed. But I'm at a new level of obsession. I have five, count 'em, afghans on the needles--two ripples, Lizard Ridge, two granny 'ghans one of which is just one giant square, from a Lion Brand kit. I must say that their color combo is quite ingenious--when I unpacked the yarn, I wasn't totally thrilled, but all together it has a very nice effect. I'm also still working on gifts for all the teachers--knit beaded bracelets for some, lacy scarves for others. And several pairs of socks, still. And my International Scarf Exchange pal's scarf, a narrow lacy cashmere confection.

Sissy and I showed our friend how to ripple. She is beginning a baby ripple in a beautiful shiny twisted yarn in colors I love. Just spreading the joy a little...

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Too Little Time said...

Glad to see you back - you've been too busy on the needles for anything else right? :) Karrie