Monday, May 21, 2007

Heaven's in the Beads

Remember when Laura and Mary and Pa find the sparkling Indian beads left along the creek banks, in "Little House on the Prairie"? Such treasure, beads are. My little package came today from Earthfaire, and I must begin stringing for E's teacher's gifts, tonight if not sooner. How tantalizing, as good as food:

I also mentioned the finished scarf pal scarf, in cashmere:

I'm pleased, although I certainly did see some fancy footwork out there on the scarf pal website. But this one is soft as soft can ever be and pretty, I think, although maybe not the most smells good, too, because I like to pack my works-in-progress with sweet-smelling soap in ziploc bags. I try to get a scent by theme. This was Burt's Bee's orange, because my pal said she was fond of fruits but not florals.

Then there's dear heart Rowan Ripple. I think I'll just call her Rowan from now on. She's almost done, alack alas:

Here's my fave color run:

And here's a cozy moment: me, my Sissy, E, and our three blankies--finished giant Lion Brand granny, Rowan, and Sissy's worsted Ripple:


faycat said...

The seizures! The seizures! Just kidding, it's so beautiful, my ripple feels so inadequate...


Too Little Time said...

Love the beads - thats something I haven't gotten into (don't need another craft addiction). Great idea about the soap - love them but never know what to do with them (were a pump soap and Irish Spring group. The DH would die if I put "fancies" out... he's having fits about the tinkerbell disney credit card). Enjoyed your post.

Aim said...

yummy juicy yarn colors, make me very happy!!! Love those blankets.

faycat said...

Completely off topic, the Milo is turning three next weekend and Pam wants to invite you and Ella to a little party. Are you still using the jjay.cuny email address?

Colleen said...

Leah - thank you so MUCH for the gorgeous, wonderful, soft, awesome smelling scarf. It is simply beautiful and I cannot wait for a coldish day to wear it. Everything was packaged with such care and beauty, I almost (almost) hated to open everything. It's all perfect!