Thursday, May 3, 2007

Spring Beads

I've begun work on a little end-of-school-year project, knit beaded bracelets for E's kindergarten teachers (there are four of them!!) and head-of-school. She's leaving her cozy little church nursery, my alma mater, for first grade at my other alma mater a few blocks away. If she ends up at our college, we'll be three for three! I am really haunting my old stomping grounds with a vengeance...

The beaded bracelets are based on a wonderful kit, Bead Soup, from Earthfaire, a website chock full o' lovely, lovely beads. I've ordered a few times from them, and my orders have come lovingly packed with pretty ribbon and tissue, and generous samples of extra beads besides. I'm a big fan of their particular brand of customer TLC. Their bead mixes are inspired. And I adore working with the teeny weeny little knitting needles, from size 0 to 000! It's easier than one might imagine.

In honor of my newest endeavor (as per my mania, the ninth current work-in-progress on the needles!!!), I purchased an inexpensive little pale blue china dish to hold the beads--I like pretty containers for beadwork, so that I can admire the little sparklies as I go.

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Too Little Time said...

Where have you gone? Is the weather in the streets to beautiful to be inside blogging?