Thursday, March 21, 2013


My latest, arguably finest, trash score. No way to resist a book whose jacket blurb begins: "In a time when steak, vodka, and Benzedrine were the three main staples of a healthy diet..."

I think I might like to try that time on for awhile. Damn the prissy rigors of organic lowfat milk, kindly eggs, firm tofu, brussels sprouts, chickens raised so tenderly that you can almost taste their goodwill in every bite of stew.

Damn my bourgeois aspirations, the tyrannical rules of clean living and morality; a behavioral code that transforms the slightest wisp of transparent tobacco smoke, drifting on the breeze, into a twisted dark corruption.

Instead I will call people "baby" and flick my ash and eat my steak and wash down the Benzedrine with long pulls on the vodka.

(Post 2/365 for my personal bloggy challenge: a photo and a post every day for a year, following the lead, copycat that I am, of several blogger friends.)


nick said...

He he! I often feel the same way. Where has all this clean, healthy living got me when I sometimes suspect those hedonistic reprobates out there are having a much better time.

Long pulls on the Fairtrade coffee don't quite cut it....

Leah said...

"Long pulls on fairtrade coffee"


savannah said...

all i can say is bennies ain't all that and a bag o'chips, sugar! but a good steak? can't be beat! ;) xoxooxox

Leah said...

Let's skip the bennies and head straight for ice cold vodka & sizzling steaks :-)