Thursday, March 28, 2013


Intimacy, to me, is all about discovering imperfection and loving not despite, but because of.

The flawed being is the real one. The one I want to know. Real love never comes from bland smooth fearful risk-less sameness, but from the challenge of the individual; it is built on the true revelation of "all things counter, original, spare, strange."

(photo: my pigeon-toed feet; quote: Gerard Manly Hopkins)

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Chantel said...

Brilliantly said. (and I love your boots)

Leah said...

Thanks so much, Chantel.

savannah said...

*nodding my head in total agreement*


Scarlet Blue said...

Too true, Leah.
P.S I bought the leopard print DMs last week!

Leah said...

oooh I love those Docs! How exciting!!

nick said...

I do agree. It's the imperfections that expose the real human being. But it can be hard sometimes to show your imperfections to the world, fear of rejection is never far away.

I like your boots and your pigeon-toed feet.