Monday, April 27, 2009


I love this award. Really, really love it. Cast my way by my friend Karen (go check her out, she's sexy alright). You know how viral these awards are, and nothing is sexier than the Sexy Virus.

So, I claim it. But first, in keeping with The Rules, I have to tell five things about myself that make me sexy. You know I love to talk about myself, and I'm certainly not above throwing a compliment or two my own way, so...

1. I've got the cerebral/impetuous dichotomy down pat: I like to overthink, and I like to be in the moment. These seemingly contradictory characteristics are combustible.

2. I'm sensual: in the literal sense of the word "sensual." I love experiencing through the senses--taste, touch, smell.

3. I'm accepting: of all the many, many facets of human sexuality. Pretty much, you can't shock me. I've tried many things, enjoyed a lot of them, and am game. I think this informs who I am as a person, in other ways outside of the bedroom. You know the Smiths song "Ask"? Which goes "If there's something you'd like to try, ask me, I won't say no, how could I?" sums me up.

4. I have a sense of humor: about life, about people, and about sex. I can be serious, but too much sobriety can kill a buzz.

5. I'm imaginative: which I will leave with no further explanation.

I'm going to go out on a limb and tag these sexy bloggers with this award. If you're tagged and feel shy, well, just enjoy but don't feel obliged to spread the Sexy Virus any further. Just know I think you're sexy and so is your blog! I must add, though, thinking of the ways in which you're sexy is supremely good for the ego!

1. Savannah: She's sexy. In a well-bred, sweet, and sophisticated sort of a way. If you know her, you know exactly what I mean.

2. Emerson Marks: boyish in a good way, sporty, sexy, funny, and loves the sun. His blog will make you feel like you just got a dose of fresh outdoors. That's sexy.

3. Faycat: I love to bug my dear Faycat, and her food blog is downright sexy--the photos, the recipes, and Faycat herself.

4. Mago: the funny, brooding, intellectual Franconian with an incredible ability to navigate two languages--sexy.

5. Kylie: she is hysterically funny, womanly, and communicative. She is my very definition of sexy.

Special Mention, but Already Tagged: Jimmy Bastard. Jimmy and his blog and his hyperdrive brain and writing abilities are so freaking sexy that they need two of these. I ain't kidding.

Well, this was fun! Now back to being just a housewife...


Brian Miller said...

lol. congrats on the award, and on your attitude toward life. fun read.

Karen ^..^ said...

OH!!!! I am SO LOVING THIS!!! You sexy little kitten, you...

I knew you wouldn't disappoint. VERY, very satisfying. I may go smoke a cigarette now... Just kidding. I'm back on the boring old wagon. :(

I'm just going to have to satisfy my kicks by reading this post over and over and over...

And I love the honorable mention to Jimmy. Oh, so very sexy.

books,coffee,etc.... said...

Congratulation!...on receiving the "Sexy" award. Btw, What a very interesting, have here!
Take care!

savannah said...

y'all are too delish for words! congratulations and thank you, sugarpie! xoxo

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Congratualtiosn Leah,

"cerebral/impetuous dichotomy" OK...did you not assure me that you weren't conflicted? This mystery would definitely fall in the realm of sexy.Humor and imagination both flow with that cerebral/impetuous thing you got working for you.

Now I seem to remember you mentioning having a "ridiculously extensive" collection of cannot omit that my friend.


Megan said...

Hiya Sexy!

Marianna said...

Hmmm you got the sexy award, the right city...well well if it isn't "sexy and the city" lol


Madame DeFarge said...

Congrats, o sexy one. I like your choices, some of my faves too. Emerson has some nice team mate too!

You go girl!

MJ said...

I nominate Old Knudsen.

Jimmy Bastard said...

Leah.. you have never been just a housewife. To so many, you have been so much more.

Thanks doll.

Brandy Rose said...

Hey baby, how YOU doin? hehe, congrats!

Leah said...

OMG, Brandy Rose, you just made my favorite joke of all time.

I'll be back later--just had to comment on that.

Cece said...

Now you have to go to my blog and collect another award. You lucky girl you.

The Idle Devil said...

That's very cool! Congratulations. Looking forward to visiting the other blogs too. Btw, I loved your take on sensual, in the literal sense.

Walker said...

Congrats on the award and well deserved.

Ronda Laveen said...

What a fun post you cerebrally impetuous dichotomist! You've got me over thinking this moment in time.

Old Knudsen said...

Old Knudsen does not have to tell people why he is sexy, if you must ask then you can't afford.

kylie said...

thanks leah!
i needed it today ;)

and congrats to you, of course, you sexy minx


Emerson Marks said...

Flaming Hell! An award? For being sexy? (he says, scratching his stained Y-fronts and lighting another Superking).

I'm delighted to accept this award, Leah.

Many thanks.

I will blog this evening after work.

Leah said...

Brian--thanks! You're right, it's really more of a life attitude than an attitude toward sex per se...

Karen--thanks again! you've made me laugh as you always do--

Books, coffee--you know, books and coffee are two of the sexiest things on earth!

savannah winking emoticon for you sweetie!

U--wait you're right about the perfumes! good memory--I do find cologne sexy--applied with a light touch, and enjoyed--

Megan--back atcha!

Marianna--You're right, it is the sexy city! It really is sexy in NYC, you know. Not just on that show (which, admittedly, was very sexy)

Leah said...

Mme. deF--agreed. Some--all, really-- of those teammates are smokin'.

MJ--you know Old Knudsen is just too obvious in his searing hotness. And believe me, I had thought of him first.

Jimmy--*blushes just a little*

Cece--Thank you and yay me! haha

Idle Devil--thanks and you have that take on sensual too, don't you? I can tell from your blogs, in fact you need this little Sexy Virus too come to think of it!!!!!

Walker--sexy, sexy Walker. Thanks.

Ronda!--haha! Do you think a lot of women are cerebral/impulsive dichotomists? Maybe I'll do a post on that.

Old Knudsen--you tell us without telling us every day why you're sexy--I didn't ask, but I'm sure I still can't afford you--xoxo

Kylie--it's just the truth, lil sexpot!

EM--stained Y-Fronts and Superkings? On you, that's sexy!

Dot-Com said...

Congrats, sexy! Good attitude to life :-)

Suzanne said...

Hey Sexy, OH MY GOD YOU'RE HILARIOUS!!! I espeically like #4. #3 scares the hell out of me! Why? Because you know I love GREAT sex (I think Rob spoiled it for every other man on the planet!), but ADVENTUROUS sex? Okay, Suzy's out!!! I'm a sissy, but you're somethin' else sexy lady!

Sorry it took me so long to get here, but I was busy directing traffic over at my joint. I obviously didn't read the rules properly now, did I? That's too funny. You know how hard I try.

I'm glad you wrote about sex. You go Princess. Okay, now I gotta go see what Kylie wrote. I was so hoping she'd be selected and thank God my prayer was answered. Oh how I love that sarcastic little bitch! Now I guess I have to address her as Her Royal Highness Sarcastic Sexy Little Bitch (HRHSSLB). That's a mouthful. Oh trust me...she'll enjoy it.

Love you darling. Congrat and great post.

Huge hug and kiss.
Moi ;)

P.S. We are part of a very special club. Let's keep passing this along until all good women are! It was too much fun.

Anonymous said...

Ach, achach ... "sexy intellectual" - ?! I will respond properly soon.
"Sexy"? - MOi? Eiei ...

Mrsupole said...

All I can think of now is that song with "You Sexy Thing". So that is what you must be.

God bless.

Istvanski said...

I suppose it's sexier than Swine Flu...
Those Burridge boys sent me. They threatened to play good entertaining football next season if I didn't come over and say 'hello!'...