Friday, September 5, 2008

Two Blogs I Love

Well this bonbon

came my way via Muralimanohar, who herself has a lovely blog, always full of interesting links and ideas and photos.

I'm passing this along to two other blog proprietresses, Mistress MJ (Warning: quite quite dirty) and Miss Faycat.

The rather mysterious and quite hilarious MJ doesn't strike me as an award-y sort of blogger, but still her surreal place, Infomaniac, is a favorite. I've analyzed it, and I've decided that her genius lies in her ability to be both filthy and dignified at the same time. If you haven't already, I recommend The Infomaniac highly. Don't open it up on Fridays at the office if anyone happens to be in the vicinity, and don't blame me if you're not tough enough to take it, LOL.

On a totally different note*, Faycat has a beautiful, inspiring food blog full of gorgeous mouth-watering pictures, and unusual recipes to go with. She likes to make use of seasonal ingredients, and always does a lovely take on comfort food. Check her out if you need an idea for dinner, or just want to ogle food.

There you have it, ladies, I love your blogs!

*Although the bangers in today's post might look a bit, er, suggestive depending on your mindset. Just teasing you Faycat!


just bob said...

Thanks for recommending Miss Faycat. I do a lot of cooking and I'll check her out!

just bob

Skeeter said...

Wow, thanks for the links to those great blogs, Leah. They're very interesting.

Best wishes,


Suzanne said...

Love um both. They deserve the award. You too!


kylie said...

congrats to you leah
i think i've misunderstood dignified if you apply it to mj, but i do like infomaniac.
must check out faycat

have a great weekend

faycat said...

Woohoo! Thanks for the shoutout!

I was wondering if anyone was going to point out how suggestive those sausages looked, but after all, they are bangers. And just to top it off, we had spotted dick for dessert.

muralimanohar said...

Well CRAP...opening that first one TOTALLY ruined the second for me! lol There is filthy, and then there is FILTHY!!

Need to come back and look when I am more prepared to hide the screen, rofl!!

Leah said...

Hi Bob! you should check out Fay's archives. She has some really good recipes, and they're easy to follow, I've done some myself.

Hi Skeeter, interesting juxtaposition, no?

Hi Suzanne--Fay has a lot of vegetarian recipes too.

Kylie, it's counterintuitive, but nonetheless ; )

Faycat--Spotted Dick really? hilarious. But yummy.

oops, Murali, sorry for the shock, lol!

Robyn said...

Leah! Yes..thank you for the recommends! I am in heaven with Faycat! Yummy I am such a foodie for sure!
What's up girly?! Just came to do my rounds...I am been slacking a bit!

MJ said...

Oh my!

*fans self vigorously*

MJ said...

Just checked out the work of the lovely Faycat and notes that she blogs about two of my fave and cats.

If it were MY blog, I'd add "drinking" to food and cats but hey, I DO have my own blog.

Loved the big bangers, Faycat.

*resumes vigorous fanning and feels need to recline to recover from basking in glory of recognition*

Leah said...

Hi MJ! bask away, you wacky mistress you!

Hear that? Booze, Faycat, booze.


*stands behind tree where no one will notice what he is doing*

*sticks tongue out at mj, waves with one hand to leah*

Leah said...

Well, IV, I feel better now.

Mindy said...

Congratulations on your award!

(The black box brought me here. Isn't it fun?) :)