Friday, February 29, 2008

Cheery Thoughts...

I'm going to write some good cheer in here; it's been awhile. A la the very nice Ms. K over at Too Little Time, who posts Thankful Thursdays, I'm going to try for some good thoughts on Friday--after all, it is the beginning of the Jewish Shabbat, and a nice time to reflect on peaceful and happy things.

So here are random bits of cheer:

1. My dear old friend Lena. I haven't seen her in years, but I just had a dream about her last night, that we were shopping on BenYehudah Street in Jerusalem, and every store had hundreds of fabulous vintage dresses like we used to find in the '80s. And we were both wearing long 1940s dresses and really nice black leather boots.

2. While I'm thinking of Jerusalem, which I've been doing a lot lately, I'll add: night-time in the Old City, roaming its walls in the eerie quiet, never knowing if there's another living soul around, or what strange little window or stone balcony you'll encounter suddenly around a shadowy corner.

3. Ribbon. I have a box full of lots of spools and bits of brightly-colored ribbon, and I like to just look through it with my E.

4. My dog. Pippin is so handsome and warm and he smells so good--he gets that wonderful popcorn-paw effect (some call it know what I mean if you have a stinky old dog too!).

5. Sitting on our dock in the Adirondacks. Watching E. doggy-paddle around and Pippin jump in occasionally to cool off. He likes to lift his leg and pee in the water, which always makes me laugh. He also chases ducks, and wags when he swims close to them. Pretty funny.

6. A snowy night, a fire in the fireplace. That's what the forecast has in store for tonight; I see the clouds gathering on the horizon.

7. Strong coffee, brewed in my new french press, doctored up with whole milk and sugar cubes.

8. Driving to the apple orchard in October, picking Macouns, eating fresh cider donuts, and watching E. climb the little trees.

9. Re-reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder books.

10. Watching E. perform as the Strong Lady in the hilariously brilliant Circus of Wow, along with the rest of her first-grade class.

You know, I found that once I'd started, I could have gone on for quite a while. At least that's a good thing. It really took me out of my funky mood for a moment...

Good shabbos, as we say! At least, even if you're not Jewish, a night and day of peace and good cheer...


CynicalGal said...

Good Shabbos to you as well!

Too Little Time said...

Good Shabbos! - Sometimes I feel like I'm repeating myself or that they seem minor but focusing on the good is always a blessing and puts me in a better mood. Have you been to Jerusalem? BTW When are leaving for Texas? - K

Leah said...

I actually lived in Jerusalem for awhile--I was going to school there. I think it's one of the most beautiful places on earth--have you ever been?

I'm going to TX on the 19th of this month. Although I must say I STILL don't feel well enough to travel!!!!


Skeeter said...

Good Shabbos! A great post. Your stories of Pippin and E. having fun made me laugh. Best wishes.

Sarah said...

Two cheery thoughts from one borough over...

I just got my package - and I love everything!! I can't wait to try the coffee and pack up the bag. And the worm is the apple made me laugh out loud - so adorable!! And the yarns - the colors are perfect!

And second... as you've been keeping up with my blog - I got a job offer this afternoon, so it has been an afternoon full of great things!

Thank you so much for spoiling me!! And on one of the sunny spring days, I'll have to make a pilgrimage across the bridge!