Friday, January 4, 2008

Goodbye, 2007, for Once and for All

I found a very nice list on a blog, and decided to use it myself:

(Some of) What I Learned in 2007:

1. To play an instrument purely for my own enjoyment: without self-criticism or pressure, the violin has become a delight. I've never enjoyed it so much in 33 years!

2. Playing duets with a loved one (in this case, A) is romantic. It's put me in touch with a very sweet form of communication which I'd never experienced before.

3. Live music, with everyone bringing a voice or an instrument, creates shalom in the home. We have Dan Zanes to thank for this.

4. I should have finished my dissertation several years ago. It only gets harder to motivate yourself.

5. I love to write. I'd forgotten about this side of myself. Interestingly, my cheesy Potions Master romance reintroduced me to it.

6. I'm good at writing romances.

7. Yelling at E is counterproductive--it doesn't stop her from bad behavior, and it raises my blood pressure. It's not like I'm one of those constant screamers, but I've come to believe that even a little isn't a good thing. One of my only resolutions for 2008 is to have a completely yell-free household. Okay, maybe it's a little unrealistic, but I'm going for it.

8. "Children are where they're at," is my mom's parenting mantra, and it's a great one. In 2007 I finally started to understand it a little bit.

9. I love technology and gadgetry.

10. I don't have the patience to finish hand-knit garments properly, and that's totally okay. I just won't knit any grown-up sweaters. I can knit whatever I want! (this one seems incredibly silly, but hey, it's something I learned)

11. I'm not that into television.

12. I'm a goth. I've always been one. Who knew?

So, what did you learn in 2007?

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Too Little Time said...

Interesting self reflection - I'll have to give this some thought. - Karrie