Monday, April 8, 2013

Bones of the Father

It turns out that when you are cremated, not all your bones are burned to ash. I discovered this when, curious, I opened the box full of dad.

For a long time after he died, I wore his bone shards in a silver locket around my neck. When I finally grew tired of being haunted, I removed the locket and tucked it away. Today, seven years later, I found it again.

That endless wild roaring sea of grief (irreducible so I once thought) become the dry rattle of fragment against silver.



mapstew said...

I love that last line. :¬)


Leah said...

Thanks Stew! I can't believe I'm still blogging about dad, all these years later. But the shards turning up, was a bit of a short sharp shock!


mapstew said...

My Da passed 27 years ago, you could say his shards still turn up when I least expect them.:¬)