Monday, December 10, 2012


Two winters ago, a few days after Christmas, I found a Fulla doll in the trash of the next-door neighbors.

Though the post-Holiday garbage cans in my area are always full to overflowing, I have never seen a new toy still in its packaging make an appearance like that amidst the crumpled wrapping paper and empty toy boxes.

Fulla kept her smile, though she had so obviously been rejected.

My treasure wears the hijab, bright blonde hair peeking out of the headscarf:

She is minimally accessorized, accompanied only by this pair of standard teetery Mattel heels:

And being the 70s girl I am, raised in the fetish of Barbie, I had to peek under her garment: no knickers, not even molded ones, and a pair of freakishly long Barbie legs:

I won't weigh in on the subject of traditional garb for Muslim women, though I have many thoughts on the matter, some of them incendiary. I will just say that I have an intense, protective fondness for my Fulla doll.


Brian Miller said...

what an intriguing find...pretty cool treasure...

savannah said...

i have never even heard of this doll, darlin! i do have to add that it seems rather strange that she's only wearing an abaya and nothing except high heels underneath... *snickering*

nick said...

Freakishly long legs indeed. Not to mention inexplicably white. But she makes me feel fond and protective as well....

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