Friday, June 4, 2010

Scarlet's Meme: a Family Effort

Funny, sweet, and acerbic Miss Scarlet has memed me with a ten-question virus that I very much enjoy. There is a little award involved, but I will leave it in her care for now.

It goes like this: she made up ten questions for six people, and I in turn will answer those and ask ten of my own to six people. I decided to share the questions with the whole family:

1. Do you prefer asking questions or answering them?

Me: I like answering questions because I'm a huge egomaniac and I like to talk about myself, and I like asking questions because most people are fascinating if you know the right questions to ask.

Sarge: that depends on the question, doesn't it.

Hedgehog: asking. Cause then you learn stuff.

2. What is your favourite joke? [Or favourite one liner?]

Me: "How many feminists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?" "that's not funny!"
alternately, Dorothy Parker's New Yorker review of "The House at Pooh Corner": "Tonstant Weader Fwowed Up"
also Dorothy, "if all the girls who attended the Yale prom were laid end to end, I wouldn't be a bit surprised."
Boy, she was a nasty, funny piece of work, wasn't she? I'm sure I wouldn't want to have known her personally, but I love and adore her famous quips.

Sarge: That's my joke, by the way, thanks a lot! My favorite one-liner? From Mago in the comments section: "There sticks a mole-foot out of the side of your dog's mouth?"

3. Have you ever fantasized about being on Big Brother [the well known TV show... I'm not alluding to incest]?

Me: Despite my egomania, I'm a very private person, and at the end of the day I like to take refuge in my home, close and lock the door, and not be bothered. Thus, Big Brother is not for me. Also, I worry that I would be quickly known as the house kokhleffl (funny Yiddish word for "pot-stirrer" in the non-literal sense).

Sarge: No.

Hedgehog: What's that?

4. Have you ever wanted to enter a talent show?

Me: Flat out no. My talents lie in very odd areas that wouldn't be usefully displayed on a stage.

Sarge: Actually, yes! Totally.


5. Is Simon Cowell really necessary?

Me: Oddly, I would say yes. I've only seen the show a couple of times, but I love the idea that he doesn't mince words, spare feelings, deliver empty flattery or promises, or hem and haw--all his bald statements support the truth as he sees it, no phoney-baloney. People can learn from him--especially politicians.

Sarge: Nothing on that show is really necessary. Nothing on tv is necessary.

Hedgehog: Well, no because the show itself isn't necessary.

(oh my god, she's her dad's daughter all right, isn't she? She came up with the same answer totally independently)

6. Tea or coffee?

Me: Coffee. Tea usually just makes me shudder, unless brewed properly. Not for me the casually dunked teabag. Iced tea, on the other hand, is delightful.

Sarge: Dr. Pepper

Hedgehog: tea

7. What is your favourite perfume? Or smell?

Me: Anick Goutal's "Mandragore." "Memoirs of a Geisha" by Fresh (sadly discontinued, though I have a few bottles stashed in the fridge). Dog paws. Those little pink sweet and peppery roses that come in the spring. Sarge.

Hedgehog: baking cookies.

Sarge: vanilla

8. What is the quickest route to Wales from where you live?

Me: My daydreams.

Sarge: transatlantic flight to Cardiff? Is there an airport in Cardiff?

9. What does the word 'Wales' conjure to your mind?

Me: The Welsh Separatist Movement.

Hedgehog: The ancient Welsh sea-god Llyr

Sarge: hills

10. Are you dreading dreaming up ten questions to ask six bloggers?


Here are my ten questions:

1. What is your least favorite piece of clothing that you own? (from Hedgehog)

2. Gravity or magnetism? (Sarge)

3. Would you rather fantasize, or act it out in real life?

4. What is a name, other than your own, that you think suits you?

5. Tell us about a nice thing a stranger did for you.

6. What was your favorite childhood toy?

7. Do you hold a grudge, or let things go easily?

8. Favorite children's book?

9. Something you're proud of?

10. Which of the following four artworks do you relate to most, on first glance, and why?





Okay, now I tag the following to answer these ten questions, come up with your own ten, and so on...

feel free not to! Although I would enjoy reading your answers:

1. Mapstew

2. The Unbearable Banishment

3. Hunter (a break from your manuscript?)

Oh crap, that's only three. Oh well, I've petered out. This was much more elaborate then I'd expected, and I'm exhausted. If you've made it this far, you are truly a blog reader to be reckoned with.


Leah said...

sweet fancy moses, this post is too f-ing long.

Hunter said...

Oh, those are some fine questions. I'll have to give them some serious thought!

Brian Miller said...

ha. i love how all 3 of you answered..

MJ said...


The Unbearable Banishment said...

I thought this post was fine! You make it sound like it was biblical in length. It delivered the goods and that's what counts.

I accept your challenge? (Invitation?)

mapstew said...

Ya gots ta lets me tink!

I'll be back, when I'm sober. (Don't hold your (hic) breath!) :¬)


xl said...

Wonderful idea having each of you guys answer Miss Scarlet's questions.

I am guessing that Sarge is originally from Texas or the South to answer Dr Pepper!

Picture A is a Rorschach Test for MJ!

Oh Hai MJ!

Leah said...

Hunter: yay!

Brian: we like to do things in tandem. : )

MJ: I thought as much!

UB: yay!

Stew: no reason you can't do it under the influence!

XL: Sarge is half-Texan. Much of his family is from Corpus Christi and San Antonio. Plus we lived in Austin for awhile. You were right on target!

kylie said...

it's a good length and i admire your ability to think of interesting questions

Scarlet Blue said...

Excellent questions! And answers!
What name do I think suits me...?
*Ponders this whilst dreamng about slices of cake*

nick said...

I love the way the whole family answered the questions. I love Hedgie's "Asking. Cause then you learn stuff." And your brilliant questions put me to shame, especially the one about art. I must think out some answers.

Mrsupole said...

Okay, so why is the perfume kept in the fridge? I've not heard of anyone keeping it in there.

I do like how you involved the whole family in this. That is really cool.

I'm with Hedgie in the tea thing although I used to drink a lot of the Dr, I don't anymore. Well unless it is in the house then I cannot stop myself, so we are not allowed to have any. I get too wired from the caffeine and even have to drink decafe tea and only in the mornings otherwise what little is in there affects me.

Thank you for sharing all of your answers.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Great! :)))

nick said...

I related to art work A, (1) because I like cake (2) it's so surreal - the lined-up slices and the shadows (3) I'm a bit fastidious so I like the neat rows (4) I wonder why they aren't all pointing to the left (or the right)

Leah said...

Kylie: did you think they were interesting? I value your opinion, as you are one fascinating woman.

Leah said...

Scarlet: it's funny to think of the difference between what name you would choose for yourself, and what name others would choose for you...

The Wayne Thiebaud pastries and cakes and candy paintings have long been favorites with me. They really tap into something sweet and visceral.

Leah said...

nick: I don't know about brilliant, but I was rather pleased with my art question. I cracked myself up when I stuck Mr. Natural in there--but truly I do think Robert Crumb is an artist, not merely an illustrator.

Leah said...

MrsU: I come completely undone from strong coffee too, but I still manage to drink quite a bit of it!!!

Perfume stored in the fridge supposedly keeps its true scent much longer. You know how perfume "turns" a bit sour or off when you've had it awhile? I have found that keeping it cold halts that process somehow.

Leah said...

mago: you are truly one of Sarge and my favorite wits. We both think you're magical.

Leah said...

Nick: had you ever seen Wayne Thiebaud's work before this? he is absolutely wonderful. You should go check out his other food paintings; they're all somehow both odd and satisfying. He really is one of my favorite modern painters.

I loved your response to that question.

Leni Qinan said...

I've had a lor of fun reading the answers. Great idea to have Sarge and Hedgehog answering them as well. I loved your honest and spontaneous answers.

PS.- Thank you very much for stopping by my blog, commenting and following. ;)

nick said...

I don't remember ever seeing his work before, which suggests a lot of very unaware art galleries because his paintings are brilliant (I just looked at some of his other ones). A major Pop Artist I would have thought.

Leah said...

Leni: I'm so glad I finally stopped by! Such wonderful writing! Anyway, this meme was quite fun, wasn't it?

Nick: I went to a major Thiebaud show a couple of years ago--it was really really cool.

Pat said...

Not that you asked but I like the painting B best.
Is it just me or is C meant to look vaginal?

Megan said...


Alan Burnett said...

I know that these memes can be a bit overwhelming but they do throw up some useful insights about people you know quite well from their blogs but you have never met. And perhaps the questions say as much as the answers. What is this obsession with Wales?

savannah said...

roses tagged me and now i'm playing catchup to draft my 10 questions. and 6 blogger who haven't already been hit! i love the idea of all y'all answering! xoxoxo

Mike129 said...

Great post!!

And, on "C." above, how did they they get a whole entire naked lady into that vagina?

Leah said...

Pat: I love the Picasso too. And you are correct, that's the Odilon Redon version of Botticelli's Venus on the Half-Shell, and I too was immediately struck by the resemblance! : )

Megan: thanks! I secretly love memes.

Alan: I agree, that's why I like them so much--both doing them, and reading them. The obsession with Wales--I'm not sure! We'll have to ask Scarlet. But I must say, I was surprised that Hedgie knew so unexpectedly much about Welsh mythology...

Mike: I have no idea, I was wondering the very same thing myself.

nick said...

Interesting question about fantasising or acting out. I think we start off by wanting to act things out, but if for one reason or another we don't feel able to (fear, embarrassment, incompetence etc), then we fall back on fantasy. Though there again I suppose a long-standing fantasy may eventually be acted out.

I would always prefer to act out, but I've flunked it many times.

Madame DeFarge said...

Impressed by the family response. I think I'm more in tune with Hedgie's answers to be honest, especially the answer to 7. Bring on the cookies!

Anonymous said...

C. Maria in Mandorla is attractive, in a venustan way :)

Scarlet Blue said...

Apolgies for the Wales obsession!

Leah said...

Apparently Hedgehog shares it!

Nana Jo said...

Your answers are brilliant and intriguing. Ditto, your questions. I love Hedgehog's input. What a lovely, charming little girl!

Anonymous said...

I do it right here. Shameless. Blame it on the wine.
1. A shirt. A gift. Think ugly. Present. It will hang in the closet until I die.
2. Excuse me, Sir, that's natural science? I have no idea where this question pointes to. Or waht the difference should be.
3. Phantasize. As usual.
4. Mazel
5. ... no, sorry. Nothing nasty or sexual or such, but a gesture in one situation; unrepeatable and only in my head.
6. My teddybear who is actually behind me on the sofa.
7. I do not forgive.
8. "Ich komm' Dich holen!" "I come and get you." Not sure whether there is an English version. Gave it away and did not find it again (as happened with other beloved books).
9. Magister Artium.
10. C, as I saied above.

Thank you! And I'm really far from brilliant, m'dear.

Hunter said...

It is done. Kinda.

Leah said...

nick: I think sometimes keeping something to the fantasy level is the only proper course of action... ; )

Mme.: I think it's sweet that your answers are in synch with Hedgie's!

Jo: thanks! I think Hedgie's lovely too : )

This was a really fun meme.

mago: so cool that you did this in the comments. I simply can't get enough of knowing more about people I like!

Hunter: thank you so much!!

Megan said...

I've been tracking this meme around. Of course it just HAD to go off when I had a monthly commitment already in hand! :)

C.M. Jackson said...

its a family affair--loved the perspective --

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear, just dropping by ... I am tired. This Sunday was exciting and sad. Who would have thought that from one day to another such activity would break out. I think google crossed a line, maybe they valuated the situation wrong. But google develops an image problem.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Leni moved to wordpress. And people in India are angry too ... a personal globalization ... hahaa ... its all strange

Megan said...

So what's up over here?

Mr. Shife said...

Sweet fancy Moses indeed, but it was well worth the read. Excellent work as usual Leah. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Where are you?

Jingle said...

Happy Belated Father's Day to Dads in your life...

Anonymous said...

I am glad to have heared from you. I read in an article that lots of people built their own fusion reactors in Brooklyn. You are on to it?