Sunday, December 13, 2009

Me. Yet Again.

Seven things about me, requested by the lovely Kat (please do check out her blog here, if you haven't already, I'm such a fan of her wonderful writing) in exchange for a bouquet of flowers and some sweetness! I'm never one to shy away from going on and on about myself, so I am happy to oblige. Although in the interest of maintaining some distance, I did initially ask Sarge to do it for me (a new twist on a meme, if you will). He rolled his eyes and said, "you want me to tell seven things about you for a blog post?" "yes." I said. "Can you handle it if I tell the truth?" he asked. I realized right then that the only truth about me would have to come directly from me and not him, otherwise we would be entering marital encounter group territory. And who wants to do that?

Anyway, here's seven things about me:

1. Gosh do I love having my hair pulled. Probably too much information right off the bat?

now for an uncomfortable juxtaposition

2. I still like to cut out paper dolls sometimes.

and a non-sequitur

3. I think the rooftop sex scene between Christian Bale and Ewan McGregor in "Velvet Goldmine" is the most beautiful love scene in all of cinema. The first time I watched it I was overwhelmed to the point of tears.

4. I have watched "Velvet Goldmine" more times than I can count. I mean that literally. Can I somehow convince you to see this movie? If you see it, you'll know what the inside of my head looks like--and I mean that figuratively.

Okay, if number four is getting a little too weird for you, how about

5. I had a true craving for pickles when I was pregnant, just like the stereotype. But the craving only lasted one day. I bought a jar, bit into a juicy cold half-sour, was elated, sated, and done. I never had the craving again after that.

talking about one's pregnancy is gauche. Sorry about that.

6. There is only one person in the world who is allowed to call me a "J.A.P." If anyone else were to call me that I would slug 'em. Even if it were true a little bit. Which it is. Which is why I laugh when she calls me that.

and to end with something that I feel deeply, seriously:

7. To me, the written word is more seductive than the spoken. Oh, far more seductive.

I'm too shy to tag anyone, but feel free to leave me a secret about yourself in the comment section below. I would really appreciate it.


Lizzie said...

Leah, how fun to learn a bit more about you. :) PS I like having my hair pulled too! hahahahah Shhhh. :D

nick said...

Most interestink, Ms Leah. Many comments come to mind.

1. I love having my hair stroked and I love stroking Jenny's.
2. I often played with my sister's dolls as a kid.
3. Too many beautiful love scenes to keep track of.
4. I think I know quite a lot about the inside of your head already - and you mine.
5. I've always hated pickled anything.
6. Had to google that one. Materialistic and selfish? Surely that isn't you?
7. It depends. One word from a sexy enough voice can turn me to jelly.

Jimmy Bastard said...

I've written and rewritten several comments to your latest offering, but for once I am somehow lost for words.

Are you sure it was Ewan McGregor up on that rooftop?

For the love of god... whatever will Luke Skywalker think?

mapstew said...

I once ate 20 desserts for a bet!
I won. I was very sick. VERY!

Alan Burnett said...

Fascinating, and if you want a secret, there are seven available on my blog today.

nick said...

Mapstew - I hope the bet was worth it. How much did you trouser?

Leah said...

Lizzie: heh, you too then? That's funny. And thanks for leaving a secret!

nick: I love lists. And regarding the number 4 on your list, I will wager you know way too much about me already! It's weird to think how much we know about each other's minds when we've never even met.

Jimmy: of course you cannot comment! Possibly this post is just too silly to comment on! My ancestors would not be amused by me, I am sure.

For the record, I'm quite sure it was young Obi Wan himself, out of his robes.

map: 20?????? argh. Bold, sir, very very daring. And what Nick said, was the bet worth it? It better have been!

Alan: I look forward to your seven.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

I may have already revealed this to you and I hate to be a one-trick pony but people seem to find it amusing:

When I got married, I took Mrs. Wife's name. I had no relationship with my father and the name didn't mean anything to me. If I had know what a logistical nightmare it is, I would have reconsidered.

Liza said...

"To me, the written word is more seductive than the spoken. Oh, far more seductive."
If Gary Oldman was speaking, I might have to disagree with you.
Love the twist, and apparently you do too, lol!
Thanks for sharing.

willow said...

I to-o-o-tally agree with Liza on it depending on whether Gary Oldman is the speaker of the word!

Karen ^..^ said...

I loved this post. Is it weird of me to say I'm just a bit fascinated with you?

I am, you know.

Brian Miller said...

you just moved up the interesting scale that much further

MJ said...


Oh I really couldn't say.

Leah said...

UB: that is really neat. I love it. I took Sarge's last name, and thought I was being sort of old-fashioned...

Liza: there are definitely exceptions to that rule of mine...Gary Oldman being one of them. Also, of course, Alan Rickman. Especially Alan Rickman. And my husband. Although even with Sarge, I love getting the written word...

willow: Yes! Gary Oldman. And see above. Alan Rickman could read a recipe for chicken soup and it would be smoldering.

Karen: not weird, flattering!!! And back at you. What can we do, we're fascinating women! ; )

Brian: what did it, the rooftop? the pickles?

MJ: you are nothing if not enigmatic.

Walker said...

Hair pulling is primal how could no one not like it.
Its the switch to the adrenaline

Ronda Laveen said...

I love pulling peoples hair. I actually get paid for it on occasion. Ahh...

I have not heard of that movie but am entranced by both Bales and McGregor.

I agree about the sweet nectar of the written word.

e said...

Love your perspective on the written word...Your list isn't silly and as for Eliezer, Dvorah and Hemda, what more mystery do you need? Mine pale in comparison. Thanks for stopping by today.

Baino said...

Hmmm poses more questions than answers I think. Must do this one, I've been tagged a couple of times. And yeh talking about pregnancy is tres gauche I have a blog I visit that I just can't comment on these days, it's going to be the longest 9 months in history!

Hunter said...

A love scene between Obi-Wan and Batman?

You already know my seven. ;)

Leah said...

Walker: hey dude! nice to see you. You're right, it is very primal.

Ronda: you get paid for it? Nice!

e: it's a good mystery, right? Although I would like to solve it, it still makes an interesting story.

Baino: do it, I love reading people's seven! And yes, talking about pregnancy is so icky. My only defense is that my pregnancy was nine years ago, so the immediacy is gone and I usually don't bother mentioning it anymore. The only thing more revolting than pregnancy discussion is a birth story. Ugh. Although I suppose I was guilty of that too, back in the day. LOL to the blog you can hardly visit and the longest nine months...

Hunter: I'm telling you, it was a doozy. Of course, I suppose the first time I saw it, they had not yet been Batman and Obi-Wan so the overlay wasn't there to disturb my delight.

Candie Bracci said...

Leah that post was sublime!You're so honest,I like that in you.I definitely want to see that movie!I heard about it but never seen it!

Suzie Sateri said...

I have 2 secret blogspots...:)

savannah said...

you shy? ;~D xoxox

Maria said...

I'd never even HEARD of that something to pick up at the video store. Thanks.

I never craved pickles at all. But, I did crave ice cream. But it had to ONLY be this odd organic brand that was only sporadically carried by our local health food store. When they would get an order in, they would call me and I would promptly go buy them out.

bindhiya said...

Dear Leah,
This was a fun meme... mmm
I don't like someone come near around my hair :) I know you are smiling..
Pickles... i love it... when it is home made with all the right spices..
that is enough for today..
♥ & ((hugs))

Mr. Shife said...

I loved your 7. And I thought I had seen every Christian Bale movie but I didn't know he was in "Velvet Goldmine." I look forward to watching it. And a little secret to share - like I haven't divulged everything on my blog. Ummmhhh I just downloaded "Take a Bow" by Rihanna. Probably something not a lot of 39-year-old men are doing.

Emerson Marks said...

Having your hair pulled? Only during certain moments I presume?

Tina said...

I've given you an award and I absolve you from doing the seven things we don't know about you as you've just done it! Pop over to mine to pick it up though!

Pearl said...

I just love how you write.


And me? A big fan of the hair-pull as well.


Donn said...

You know that you can't unsay that hairpulling thing right? It would prolly be best if you don't have your hair "did" in handlebars on your next avatar...
just sayin.

You liked that love scene eh? More than Ellen Barkin pinning the diminuitive Pacino against the wall in Sea Of Love, more than Slater finding his inner smile with the peasant girl in Name Of The Rose, more than the waves crashing over Lancaster and Debbie Kerr in Here To Eternity?
Actually the last one really only reminds me of how amazingly fast and easy it is for sand to get into "funny" places.

Ever had a piece of kelp wrap around your leg while you're giggity-giggity-giggity?
I had no idea that it was physically possible to power-pucker and turtle in the same nanosecond!

I heart your courage and honesty and eventually I'll forget all aboot the hair pullin' thingamabob.

Madame DeFarge said...

I'm gobsmacked by your list. I don't even know where to start. except that I'd agree with number one, but don't tell anyone, especially Jimmy B

Leah said...

Candie: I appreciate very much that you appreciate my candor! And by all means, see "Velvet Goldmine." My work here is done, LOL.

Suzie: now that is a great secret to hold onto! I love it. I have one myself...

savannah: why, I'm a regular shrinking violet, whatever made you think otherwise? : )

Maria: I do wonder whether any pregnant woman ever really craved pickles and ice cream at the very same time--like to dip?

Bindi: I do love pickles even on a regular day, but not with such an intense craving as I had that day. My fave is pickled turnips.

Mr. Shife: Rihanna??? Excellent secret, now public knowledge.

EM: well, that too.

Tina: thank you! I will be over to say hi. And alas for the good people who stop by here, I may just have to do seven more...

Pearl: I think I've discovered a popular vice amongst the ladies in these parts! That makes it four readers now--five, actually, counting our gentleman hair-pulling afficionado.

Leah said...

Donn: I know, I know. Possibly I should think these things through more carefully before I go spouting off...

Now. Movie love/sex scenes. Yes, I really enjoy that one at the end of Name of the Rose--weird and a little disturbing though it was.

Some other good ones come to mind:

1. The scene in Brokeback Mountain (though I'm lukewarm toward the whole melodramatic film generally speaking) where Jack and Ennis go in for the kiss after being apart for so long.

2. the sex between the alien David Bowie and Candy Clark in "The Man Who Fell to Earth," the uncut version, just because it's David Bowie and it's so, well, uncut.

3. the scene in "Sense and Sensibility" where Elinor Dashwood bursts into tears on learning that Edward had not in fact married someone else.

4. And how about when Sandy appears in her leather glove outfit to sort of profess her love to Danny at the end "Grease."

5. Or when Molly Ringwald kisses the bad boy in the janitor's closet at the end of "Breakfast Club," or for that matter

6. when the cars part at the end of "Sixteen Candles" and it's Jake waiting for her, and then they kiss over her birthday cake.

Never mind, I could go on and on, like in a sort of chain of references kind of a way. But that rooftop scene from "Velvet Goldmine" is still my favorite.

Leah said...

Madame: I'm sending Jimmy over right this minute to pull your pigtails.

kylie said...

youre welcome to do 7 more anytime, it's fascinating.

and frustrating. why cant i think of stuff?

Merely Me said...

I love people watching. I have to change my passwords all the time because I can't remember them for anything!

Love this post.

kylie said...

i have the bum of a black woman. only it's white

Anonymous said...

Really wonderful- interesting.
I'll have to visit your '100' sometime soon.

Would still like to hear Sarge's 7 (about you!)

A secret? I still havn't finished knitting the teddy bear I promised my neice last Christmas :(

Jimmy Bastard said...

Jimmy has pulled far more than her pigtails I can assure you of that!

Anonymous said...

I think I got one of these but not sure( I was off-line for a while )...

1. eeee~~yeah...just a tad much.
2. 'tis your inner child here, so no worries. We all have one, right?
3. never heard of it; sorry 'bout that!
4. without a CAT-SCAN? But I'm not one to mind-probe...
5. with Mom it was burgers and M&M's, heh, heh...
6. I'm having a Frank Zappa moment with this's passed! And I didn't think the term was even used anymore...
7. interesting and I agree on this one. Thanks for sharing a bit more of yourself, Leah :)

Betsy said...

Well, you made me REALLY want to watch that movie! :)

JeffScape said...

I love having my hair pulled. I shall see Velvet Goldmine. I let anyone call me a "Jap." I understand the power of words enough to also recognize their futility.


lettuce said...

witty and seductive and wonderful

shall get hold of Velvet Goldmine, definately

that hair-pulling thing, thats weird tho...