Sunday, September 2, 2007

Punk Rock Outfit

I've been so not posting here. The summer is closing rapidly, and the Adirondacks are alternating between freezing and boiling. Some days we huddle by the faux stove space heater, and some days grouchily schvitz. E has begun to have some pre-first grade anxiety dreams--in one, she arrived at school wearing a "punk rock outfit," but she and I didn't notice till it was too late and by then all the other students had seen her before she could go home and change. I assured her (in waking life, that is) that punk rock outfits are perfectly acceptable at her new school, one of the myriad reasons why we are sending her there. Still, the rustlings of anxiety are never stilled by sense and reason, and besides, I do believe they're perfectly normal...

I gave my step dad his birthday presents yesterday--he is old school and doesn't believe in sponges. Neither plastic. Anyway, I made him what is now traditional--socks--and some new knitted disclothes with cucumber dish soap. I will post some pics tomorrow of said works, but for now here is my geriatric old guy:

And here are some more of E's earrings:

Punk rock on!


Too Little Time said...

Your old guy looks alot like our Misty... School starts for us tomarrow and I am so excited!!! Of course I am also starting to miss my children but we all need the schedule!

faycat said...

Pippy, such a sweet face!

Please tell Ella that I love my Seaflower earrings! They are really pretty and are made so well, much better than I could do, certainly. And I especially appreciated the lovely packaging. Also let her know that she would look awesome in a punk rock outfit on the first day of school, no need to worry!