Monday, June 4, 2007

A New Afghan and Some Random Yarn

I've almost completed the second scarf for E's head teachers--the first a red feather-and-fan pattern from "Scarf Styles," and the current one in moss green, a simple lace pattern from Knitty. This is the one I used for my scarf pal's scarf. I'm using the other recommended yarn, a silk-wool mix, a little more warm-weatherish than cashmere.

In the meantime, have begun a vintage striped blanket in a relatively inexpensive Paton's pure merino. Anyone reading this, you really should check out this link. Her blanket is so evocative and appealing. Plus, there's a very clear picture-tutorial. I love my palette, but as crochet can do, the wool is working up into a sort of rough, unyielding fabric. I remember some of Grandma Eva's afghans having this texture, and I guess I'm willing in this case to forgo the tactile for the aesthetic...

I'm also wondering what to do with two balls of VERY cheery cotton twist given to me by Megan--who ultimately rejected her first ripple in favor of more subtle hues. I still can't help but love these, and I really want them to become something:

Any suggestions?

Also, a word on dinner. I must air my grief. How to please everyone all the time, expediently and even healthfully? It just doesn't seem possible. How many times has E rejected my offerings and made herself waffles for dinner...tonight, however, I've been inspired by Faycat, whose lovely blog always has incredibly appetizing food pics as well as great recipes. So, I'm now off to concoct my version of her latest pasta dish and accompanying salad. I really believe that tonight, we'll all be eating the same food. Thanks, Faycat!


Too Little Time said...

Love the colors, how about a hat.. I've been making kids hats out of cotton, but nothing says you can't make a larger size. K

Leah said...

Thanks--good suggestion!