Monday, April 16, 2007

Back to Brooklyn

We arrived torn and frayed at midnight, toting a bag full o' barbecue and a great big psychological hangover. Family visits can be taxing. But Texas is pretty darn fun.

I missed my ripple afghan so much that I actually began another one in San Antonio--but the guilt of the Rowan Ripple weighing heavy, I had to go on the cheap. We went to Hobby Lobby, where I purchased many skeins of Sugar n' Cream yarn. Granted, it's cotton. But in a moment of confusion, addled by the Texas sun, I decided to use only variegated yarns of all different color combinations. I have very mixed feelings about this new ripple...okay, I'm being polite to him. I just don't like him. I really don't. And now I'm committed to this bad relationship. Here he is, the boorish new boyfriend:


Waiting for me when I arrived, though, to soothe my compromised crafting, was a package of sale Rowan:

The photo doesn't quite capture the cheery colors, but I have high hopes for their incorporation into Good Ripple.

Here are some of my favorite things in Texas...

Loveliness in the Texas heat:

Old Guy resting on his log at the San Antonio Zoo:

Ahh, Sonic, you give us the gift of the unnaturally-hued Cherry Limeade:



Michelle said...

haha the boorish boyfriend...that's funny... i stared at it for a few minutes and I can't decide whether I love it because it's different or that I don't like it(cause it's kinda odd:). It is kinda neat. Glad you had fun in Texas. I live in Dallas, grew up here:)

Too Little Time said...

Maybe we should undo said ripple and remake into something more useful, say washcloths. All that good cotton yarn would be wonderful for that. Just a thought. Karrie

renee said...

I always wondered what a ripple made out of sugars and cream would look like. Now I know. It's not so awful, but it is somehow...unsettling. I bet it's pretty heavy, too. Well, I make lots of dishcloths out of that kind of yarn and I love them. I give them to other people and they always beg for more.